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On the Tragedy Quality in the Novels of Yu Hua

Author YanHaiYing
Tutor ZhouJinXiang
School Hebei Normal
Course Literature and Art
Keywords Yu Hua Novels Tragedy Existentialism Narration style Purification
CLC I207.42
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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Yu Hua is one of the Avant-garde representative writers.There is a consistent subject in his novels,which is his concern for human sufferings.It also caused his works a strong tragedy atmosphere.Regardless of his pre-work or late-work,Yu Hua focused on the immediate survival situations of the human beings and the survival together with the performances of sentiment which displayed a deep philosophical sense.Regardless of writing the history or the reality,life or death,he not limited to the characters and the plot itself,but rather focuses on the fate of characters to bring readers to interpret the process of reflection and awareness of the mysterious crash,as well as explore the ontology of life.Yu Hua on infatuated with the descriptions of the sufferings shown by the novels based on the connotation of the writer status on the thinking of the survival of people,the breadth and depth of the imagination,and profound novel of immense set up by Yu Hua was the instinct of people,behaviors and tips for the outcome of calm,it revealed the destiny of the people and existed in different historical times and space in the inner scene of joy and pain,have had a shocking aesthetic effect.This is not only their own such as Yu Hua said,"have a strong imagination truth" and that he is not just a fictitious appearance of the structures of things,his works have been revealed us the forever-truth of our hearts,survival in his novels was not only described the process,but the soul,the spirit of poetic expressions,which allows us to gain promotion and purification of the soul.This paper takes the tragedy quality in novels’ of Yu Hua as the elaboration object.The first chapter,first of all ask the Yu Hua novels’ basic idea of the tragedy atmosphere.In the 80’s of the 20th century,all kinds of Western ideas currently went into China;Yu Hua absorbed some subjects of Modernist Literature,which were the subjects of the existence of absurd,meaningless and fatalistic sense of powerless.In the world of his novels,the life is not in order,has filled by the distortion and the exaggeration,everyone can not predict and getting rid of their own destinies,they often unknowingly fall into a chance encounter,and passively bear the arrangements of destiny.Yu Hua,through such a ridiculous description reveals some kind of truth about the relationship between people and the world,through the fate-like destiny of the characters;inspire people to have more in-depth concerns of them. The second chapter is the core section of this paper,which is the unique statement of Yu Hua novel’s tragedy quality.The article mainly discusses from three aspects:the first section is about the deep-seated structural mode of Yu Hua’s novels,which are the "simple - complex", "realism - symbol",whether the external simplicity or deep complexity,surface of the reality or the deep-seated symbol,let us see a writer whom deeply consider and care the tragedy of life.The second section describes the characteristics,are conducted from the exposition, mainly including the conversion narrative perspective,the narrative tone of gentle and straightforward and concise description way and so on.Yu Hua is accustomed to the use of omniscient perspective to show the story,while fictional characters have their own voice and these voices are respected,so the story seems real and natural.Gentle narrative tone and straightforward and concise description way is left to the reader’s vast space to imagine.The third section talks about the mediocrity explored by Yu Hua.The author is fond of describing ordinary people,likes a casual choice,but in fact,he is using these people’s image,to reflect the existence of people,looking for the universal significance of the tragedy.The third chapter discusses the revelations of the thesis’ tragedy quality.The first section writes the power of patient.Yu Hua’s commitment of dealing with sufferings is not a protest gesture,but an intolerable status of the patient.However,regardless of protest or patient,are self-commitment of people,expresses the courage and positive attitude of people facing the difficulties,which is precisely the modernist ideal of human nature and attitude towards life. The second section discusses ways to alleviate sufferings,which is love.Although life described by Yu Hua is full of sufferings,but the ultimate goal what he set is not a robbed world,neither a spiritual wasteland,but looking for a little spark in the dark.The third section focuses on Yu Hua’s novel,which brings us the positive attitude towards life.Since the tragedy with the purification of the mind,ease the emotional strength,so it can touch the soul of the depths of people’s sense of dignity,worth and the life instinct,and inspire a sense of human vitality as well as efforts to promote,plays an immeasurable role in what we talk above.

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