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Value of coal zone environmental legislation

Author LiJie
Tutor ZhangJun
School Shanxi University
Course Environment and Resources Protection Law
Keywords Coal zone Shanxi Environmental legislation Value
CLC D922.68
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Today, the development and utilization of coal resources, technology advances, the rapid development of the coal industry, people with coal increasingly close relationship. We geographic areas with coal-based economy a major pillar industries, coal-relationship-based geographic relationship between people's production and living mainly in areas called \Coal zone economy is increasingly in the development process, \In this case, the government environmental legislation competing actively take measures to deal with. However, a variety of environmental regulations on coal area's natural environment is an objective to play an active role, whether to implement the legislative intent of the legislator, and compliance with environmental legislation, value orientation, whether it is realistic to promote the coal zone of the natural environment improvement and optimization, these require careful study and objective analysis of the problem. This paper studies the environmental legislation coal zone value, and ultimately establish local environmental legislation is different from the value for the coal zone to make future environmental legislation guidance, improve coal zone environment. This paper starts from the legislative value theory, first of all define the concept of coal zone, followed by the value of environmental legislation narrative theory. The examples are typical of this area of ??coal in Shanxi environmental situation and the status of environmental legislation, environmental legislation puts forward Shanxi problems. Benefit analysis of the use of environmental legislation in Shanxi value orientation analysis of the problems, summed up the impact of environmental legislation Shanxi value orientation is unreasonable adjustment of interests, which is the value choice Shanxi environmental legislation the Real Analysis. Shanxi environmental legislation through the various interests in the analysis, the balance of interests and environmental legislation is the value of environmental legislation in Shanxi Province Ought to pursue, and proposed environmental legislation Shanxi worth pursuing ways. Environmental legislation to finalize coal zone value selection should follow the principle of the benefit, positioning coal zone three values ??of environmental legislation. In this paper, case analysis, statistics, historical research methods, compare and benefit analysis methods and inductive analysis. From Shanxi province in recent years, environmental legislation specific data analysis, through this typical coal region in Shanxi Province as an example to study comparative analysis of coal zone environmental legislation in the process of selecting and measurable benefits, and ultimately summarize the value of coal zone environmental legislation. By studying the final positioning of the value of environmental legislation in Shanxi coal zone. Coal zone as a special social environment, due to environmental pollution severity and urgency of environmental benefits, it should also have the particularity of environmental legislation. Coal zone value orientation of environmental legislation should follow the principle of maximizing environmental benefits, including environmental benefits urgent priority, environmental public interest and environmental benefits based defect fill these three aspects of the principles, the use of this basic principle to guide its environmental legislation value selection. Coal zone ultimately determine the value of environmental legislation for the rational allocation of benefits, ecological standard and \make the pursuit of theoretical exploration, and look forward to future environmental legislation helpful to chart more effective in improving the coal areas of social environmental conditions.

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