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Based on Genetic Algorithm Alignment of integrated photonic devices

Author LiYaJuan
Tutor DuanJiAn
School Central South University
Course Mechanical and Electronic Engineering
Keywords Integrated photonic devices Single-mode fiber array Planar waveguide Align coupling technology
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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Due to the integrated photonic devices able to complete a large optical system information processing , with a compact , interference, good consistency of performance advantages of increasing importance . Currently, the chip manufacturing and device packaging is constraining the development of integrated photonic devices bottleneck, and alignment technology is integrated photonic devices packaging process is critical to the device to achieve functionality. Precision, high speed , low amount of movement to improve the alignment algorithm integrated optical coupling device performance is important. Firstly, based on the fiber array and the field intensity distribution of the arrayed waveguide theory, a single mode fiber array field distribution experimental model AA Modal integrated photonic devices using the alignment stage , the completion of the single-mode fiber array experiment field intensity distribution . According to the experimental results were analyzed with single-mode optical fiber array waveguide array field intensity distribution of aligned coupling algorithm for the study of the foundation . Based on optical waveguide theory, a fiber array aligned with the arrayed waveguide coupling model to analyze lateral dislocations , dislocation and vertical angular misalignment of the planar optical waveguide device aligned coupling of the law to guide the alignment package experiments . Based on single-mode fiber array aligned with the array waveguide coupling model , completed the climbing method , simplex method, pattern search method, genetic algorithm and its improved algorithm simulation, analysis of the various algorithms in integrated photonic devices aligned coupling the search process advantages and disadvantages , according to the results of the analysis , improved genetic algorithm was proposed based on a composite algorithm . Integrated photonic devices using the AA Modal packaging equipment complete array of single-mode fiber-optic waveguide aligned with the array experiments , based on simulation and experimental results, the proposed genetic algorithm and pattern search method of federated search , the experiment proved its feasibility , and climbing method , combination search algorithm search process can reduce the amount of movement platform 81.38% , fine alignment to reduce the search time of approximately 77.43% , and aligned to achieve 100% success rate .

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