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Preparation and Performances of Nano-Silver Pastes

Author XieYanQing
Tutor ZengXiaoYan
School Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Course Physical Electronics
Keywords Electronic slurry Nano- silver paste Fine write straight Reticular FangZu
CLC TB383.1
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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Electronic slurry is a set of high-tech products of the electronics, chemicals , metallurgy Trinity . With the rapid development of integrated circuits , the traditional micron conductive paste can no longer meet the requirements of the low-temperature sintering and multilayer wiring . Research and development of nano - slurry has become an inevitable trend . Abroad has been the advent of commercialization of nanoelectronics slurry , but the material system is not perfect . Domestic research in the area is almost empty . Firstly, focus on nano-silver stock preparation and performance . According to the characteristics of nano - material is dispersed in a certain temperature under high-speed agitation , using physical mixing to prepare a silver paste of the average particle diameter of about 400nm . The system studied the influence of the basic characteristics of the conductive phase conductive properties . Non-spherical silver powder as a function of the phase capable of forming a network structure after sintering and the final choice . Secondly , the use of nano - particle size analyzer and scanning electron microscopy analysis and comparison of the independently developed conductive paste and commercialization of nanoelectronics purchased from abroad slurry particle size and morphology sintered . The results show that our independently developed slurry , the main function of the average particle size of the silver phase below the equivalent Korea slurry near 100 nm are formed in the slurry sintering network structure . Finally, the system spin coating laser micro - cladding , straight fine write and micro jet direct writing various preparation conditions , process parameters on the the slurry line width and conductivity . Fine straight write wire by ordinary sintering , wire width of less than 200 M , thickness up to 10μm square resistance stabilized at about 5mΩ . Independently developed electronic slurry sintering temperature is about 520 ℃ , and foreign commercialization of nano - slurry sintering temperature size is basically the same , well below the 850 ° C sintered through micron slurry .

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