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Ischemic Stroke Syndromes Regularity

Author YueDan
Tutor HaiYing
School Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Course Chinese medicine
Keywords Stroke Ischemic stroke Etiology and Pathogenesis Syndromes
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Objective: Researching Medical Classics disc and corresponding literature, books, combined with their own clinical practice in the course of the patient encounter, discover ancient times to the different historical stages of famous physician diagnosis and treatment of disease, stroke characteristics, stroke etiology, machine understanding Syndromes colorful, so this article attempts to summarize the clinical ischemic stroke patients with syndromes which mainly starting with recurrence is the same, may cause disease in patients with major risk factors in order to achieve the \Materials and Methods: refer to the literature, summarize the main pathogenesis of hemorrhagic stroke is vacant because of \Clinical research, select hospitalized 120 patients with ischemic stroke, in line with ischemic stroke disease diagnostic criteria of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine, by analyzing their onset age, sex, season, past illnesses, tongue color, tongue, pulse, and evidence-based distribution, attempts to explore ischemic stroke Syndromes and characteristics, in order to further our understanding of the factors that you can control and use for the prevention of ischemic stroke Differential Treatment to provide basis for our in-depth understanding of ischemic stroke disease to provide a reference to guide clinical improve clinical outcomes. Results: 1.120 cases being investigated in patients with ischemic stroke, males 67 people, accounting for 55.83%; females 53 people, accounting for 44.17%. Female ratio was 1:1.26 in men than women, aged 45 to 85 years, mean age was 67.32 years, with an average age of 66.48 years male, average age was 68.33 years female, age of onset mainly concentrated in the 50 to 70 years of Room. 2 The survey patients, the incidence in spring, 35 were 29%, the onset of summer, 18 people, accounting for 15%, the incidence in autumn, 20 people, accounting for 17% of the winter onset 47 people, accounting for 39%. 3.120 cases of ischemic stroke patients, 81 denied family of similar patients, accounting for 67.5% have a family history of 39, accounting for 32.5%; addition to 25 cases of previously healthy patients outside (the total number of 20.8%) The remaining patients were varying degrees with other diseases. By comparison, can be arranged in a number of patients up to five kinds of diseases, namely: hypertension gt; diabetes gt; hyperlipidemia gt; coronary gt; atherosclerosis. 4 Tongue Tongue mainly red, pale-based, with a thin white tongue, thin yellow, greasy, yellow greasy based. The existence of a single pulse to pulse-based form, which Wiry largest proportion of two pulse in order to breakdown, wiry-based, respectively, the proportion was 37.5%, 15%, 12.5%. 5 The collected 120 cases among the first human ischemic stroke 66, the proportion was 55%, the recurrence of ischemic stroke was 54 people, the proportion was 45%, with negative syndrome Virtual Yang Kang, blood stasis based, including the initial occurrence of ischemic stroke in people with hyperactivity mainly ischemic stroke recurrence human blood stasis based. Conclusion: By selecting 120 cases were analyzed clinical cases can be seen in patients with ischemic stroke in clinical practice in order to hyperactivity syndrome, blood stasis based, where the vast majority of patients in the occurrence of ischemic stroke are associated with other diseases, the most frequent of the five diseases were hypertension gt; diabetes gt; hyperlipidemia gt; coronary gt; arteriosclerosis, also with the patient's age, diet and so on, which is literature study of ischemic stroke patients mainly because of \match.

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