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Stop bone hyperplasia pills experimental rabbit knee osteoarthritis morphological changes

Author FuBo
Tutor WangXiuHua
School Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Course TCM orthopedics and traumatology
Keywords Osteoarthritis Stop bone hyperplasia pill Bolus Histomorphological Experimental study
CLC R274.9
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Objective: To investigate only the impact of the of bone hyperplasia pill on the rabbit knee osteoarthritis model histomorphological. Materials and Methods: 24 white rabbits, in accordance with the principle of a balanced and consistent between the two groups, 24 healthy rabbits were randomly divided into four groups (n = 6), respectively, as follows: normal group, model group and the control group ( bolus) group, the treatment group (ended the bone hyperplasia pills) group. The classic modeling method using a modified \Shape coefficient for successful modeling algorithm to calculate the dosage in rabbits. 10ml / times: bolus 0.756g/kg saline given to the control group, 3 times / day treatment groups: saline containing only bone hyperplasia the pill 0.756g/kg of 10ml / time, 3 times / day drugs gavage harvested after 4 weeks, the level of ordinary optical microscopy of articular cartilage chondrocytes and subchondral bone changes. Results: naked eye see the smooth surface of the articular cartilage of the normal group, and was a very light blue. The control group (bolus) articular cartilage surface pale yellow color. Treatment group (stop bone hyperplasia pill) cartilage color pale. Model group, slightly rough surface of the articular cartilage, yellow, visible synovial hyperemia. Ordinary optical microscope observation model group: the the cartilage tissue surface is uneven and not smooth, there are many fissures, cartilage stripping visible part of the organization, followed by the formation of a defect area, part of the superficial layer of cells disappeared. The cells of the transitional layer most of the disappearance of chondrocytes clumping phenomenon. The emitting layer columnar arrangement of cells were wale occurs the phenomenon of cell clusters. Control group (bolus group): the surface of the cartilage tissue superficial cracks, no cartilage exfoliation phenomenon, part of the cells of the superficial layer disappears, transitional layer of cartilage tissue cell clumping phenomenon, radiation layer cell vertical The rows arranged in a \Treatment group (stop bone hyperplasia pill group): the smooth surface of cartilage tissue, the table shallow: some of the tissue cells disappear. Transitional layer: cells arranged more neatly, visible cartilage cell clusters. The radiation layer: cells arranged in longitudinal \The above results, results show that stop bone hyperplasia pill can maintain normal morphology of the cells of the body's cartilage, to improve osteoarthritis synovial hyperemia swelling, as well as to maintain the normal form of the cartilage tissue. Conclusion: that stop bone hyperplasia pill osteoarthritis significant control effect, its clinical effect than bolus

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