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Antioxidant and Free Radical Scavenging Activities of Extracts from Scutellaria Barbata D.Don, Hedyotis Diffusa Willd and Their Herb Pair

Author DongHuanHuan
Tutor CaoShuWen
School Nanchang University
Course Nutrition and Food Hygiene
Keywords Banzhilian Hedyotis diffusa Drugs on Compound compatibility Group differentiation Antioxidant Anticancer mechanism Correlation MS / MS
CLC R285
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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Barbata, Labiatae plant Scutellaria barbata the Scutellaria barbata D.Don dry whole herb, modern clinic for the treatment of cancer, hepatitis, and other diseases, curative effect. Hedyotis diffusa for the the Rubiaceae year herb whole plant of Hedyotis diffusa Hedyotis (Oldenlandia) diffusa (Willd.) Roxb., The modern clinical Oral is used for the treatment of diseases such as cancer, inflammation, a significant effect. Both used in the clinical treatment of cancer in the long-term clinical practice often in the form of drugs on the efficacy prompt the Scutellaria barbata Hedyotis diffusa drugs may contain strong anti-cancer activity of new ingredients and / or new components. Chapter medicine an important role in the modernization of traditional Chinese medicine research and drug start feasibility study traditional Chinese medicine prescription compatibility law;, and Scutellaria barbata and Hedyotis diffusa clinical Chinese herbal medicines commonly used in chemical composition, anti reviewed the status and progress of the tumor mechanisms and clinical applications. The second chapter introduces barbata, of Hedyotis diffusa their drug of crude extract preparation and drug on the organic phase to extract part of group differentiation method and establish the chemical fingerprint of the component library, for a variety of biologically active The screening provides a large number of components and information resources; and determination of each extract extract yield and total phenol, total flavonoids. Chapter four chemical model barbata, Hedyotis diffusa its drug Extract Antioxidant and free radical scavenging activity. Barbata, of Hedyotis diffusa its drug flavonoid composition and content of different solvent extracts there are some differences, in connection with the corresponding three extracts antioxidant clear there are large differences between the free radical scavenging, indicating extract The antioxidant activity of flavonoid composition and content of some relevance. Chapter IV compares the two single herbs and their drugs mixed organic solvent extract antioxidant and free radical scavenging activity differences, drugs on prescriptions to extract the active substance content, composition and biological activity, and The anti-cancer drugs on the mechanism of action initially speculated. Drugs on prescriptions reduction ability to remove the ability of DPPH · OH radicals were not significantly enhance while its chelated Fe the the 2 ability to protect DNA from free radical damage ability appear more significant enhanced, suggesting its anticancer mechanism may be related to the protective effect of the transition metal ion chelation and DNA damage, while its reducibility to scavenge DPPH Clear · OH radicals ability was not significantly related. Chapter statistical methods barbata, the correlation between the antioxidant activity of each extract total phenolic and total flavonoid content of of Hedyotis diffusa their drug. By UV and LC-MS, MS / MS for identification of each component structure of the three extracts of barbata Characterization and to further explore the correlation between their antioxidant activity with a specific structure, flavone component. Restore the ability of the results showed that the extract and removal of DPPH, · OH radical scavenging their total flavonoid content, especially the content of luteolin significant correlation with their total phenolic content and the content of apigenin also, the of Fe 2 chelating ability may be related to the presence or absence of baicalein-7-O-beta-D-glucose glucuronide and baicalin components have a certain relationship.

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