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Zhen Wu Tang Jiawei treatment of heart failure and kidney yang clinical study

Author SiQingLin
Tutor MengZhaoYang
School Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Course Chinese medical science
Keywords Zhen Wu Tang Jiawei Heart deficiency Congestive heart failure Clinical Research
CLC R259
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Objective: To evaluate Jiawei Zhenwu Decoction on heart and kidney yang CHF (congestive heart failure) in patients with Chinese medicine symptom efficacy, Lee's failure points, cardiac function, neuroendocrine hormones, echocardiography and other indicators of the intervention effect and mechanism. And before and after treatment to assess the drug's safety. Methods: The diagnosis of congestive heart failure in hospitalized patients 66 cases were randomly divided into two groups. Experimental group of 36 patients, 25 males and 11 females, mean age 71.8 years, NYHA Ⅱ seven cases, NYHA Ⅲ 29 cases; 30 patients, 14 males and 16 females, mean age 72.3 years, NYHA Ⅱ six cases, NYHA Ⅲ 24 cases. Both groups were generally no significant difference. TCM selected patients belong heart and kidney yang. The control group using conventional Western medicine comprehensive treatment, including treatment of the primary disease, improves ventricular remodeling, reduce cardiac stress and other treatment; experimental group treatment based on the above-mentioned services Zhen Wu Tang Jiawei: aconite (fry) 15g, Bai Zhu 15g, Poria 20g, Poria 20g, white peony root 9g, ginger 9g, Codonopsis 20g, Salvia 12g, Angelica 9g, Arecae 15g, Gui 9g, Tinglizi 15g, notoginseng powder 3g, licorice 6g. If the move is to promote short asthma, plus amethyst 15g, Schisandra 9g and satisfied kidney; want off the event of heart yang, plus keel 30g, oysters 30g, 15g cornus to return Yang Qi, save against solid off; urinary less swelling drama, Gase diarrhea 15g, plantain 9g Shenshi diuresis; bleeding obvious plus peach kernel 9g, safflower 9g; Tansheng plus Trichosanthes 20g, France Pinellia 12g. Day one, a two-temperature service. 30 days for a course. Systematic observation and compared between the two groups of patients before and after the symptom score, Western Lee's failure points, cardiac function, echocardiography (including ejection fraction, stroke volume discharged per minute output, left ventricular end-diastolic diameter, E / A), neuroendocrine indicators (NO, Ang Ⅱ, ET, NT-proBNP) and changes in liver and kidney function before and after treatment. Results: Comparison of efficacy of Chinese medicine symptom groups: experimental group, the total effective rate was 94.4% in the control group was 73.3%, the chi-square test x2 = 8.746, p lt; 0.05, the total effective rate between the two groups, the difference statistically significant. 2 Lee's heart failure treatment groups compared Points: Test group was 94.5%, 63.3% in the control group, the chi-square test x2 = 10.300, p lt; 0.05, the total effective rate between the two groups, the difference was statistically significance. 3 According to NYHA class comparison: test group, the total effective rate was 91.7% in the control group was 67.3%, the chi-square test x2 = 6.619, p lt; 0.05, the total effective rate between the two groups, the difference was statistically significance. Four key indicators echocardiography before and after treatment: the difference was statistically significant. 5 symptom scores before and after treatment were compared: the two groups after treatment, palpitations, edema, wheezing and other symptoms integral decreased significantly than before treatment, but the experimental group after treatment, the improvement of the indicators were significantly better than the control group. 6 patients were observed adverse reactions: There were no obvious adverse reactions. Conclusion: Modified Zhenwu Tang in reducing total score syndromes, heart failure, and cardiac function integral with the control group, the difference was statistically significant, to relieve clinical symptoms, improve exercise tolerance in patients, improve patient quality of life role. Heart failure deficiency is the initiating factor, Yang Qi decline is the key pathogenesis of heart failure, heart failure kidney deficiency is an important pathogenesis of heart failure and aggravating factors, Yiqiwenyang, circulation water line, warming the kidneys basic measures for the treatment of heart failure.

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