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A Cognitive Study of the Metaphors in ShuYuCi

Author CuiNingNing
Tutor ShengWen
School Shandong University
Course English Language and Literature
Keywords Cognitive Metaphor Shu Yu Ci Conceptual metaphor theory Spatial Integration Theory
CLC I207.23
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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In this paper, conceptual metaphor theory and the spatial integration theory metaphor Shu Yu Ci . As literary works , Qingzhao word has been adequate research ; from the linguistic point of view , almost none of its linguistic phenomenon inside the system analysis . With the development of cognitive linguistics , cognitive metaphor theory has been greatly developed , and the help of cognitive metaphor theory to analyze the word of Qing Zhao has opened up a new path for their word ; ancient poetry metaphor research corpora across language and cultural studies for the development of the theory of metaphor . Remove the introduction and conclusion , the paper is divided into four parts. The first chapter reviews the metaphor research about theory , the comparison theory from two thousand years ago Aristotle to Lakoff 's theory of conceptual metaphor , metaphor has a long history . This chapter provides an overview of the development from the two aspects of the traditional theory and cognitive theory of metaphor . The second chapter describes Qingzhao . Qingzhao Born Song Dynasty wealthy scholarly, well-educated from childhood , after marry with Zhaoming Cheng , loving couple . But Zhao Mingcheng often away from home , so many words are Qingzhao expression on her husband's thoughts of love . Destroyed for the gold when the Southern Song Dynasty , Qingzhao word contains a nostalgia for the homeland , coherent states pathos . Overall, the the word watershed for the demise of the Southern Song Dynasty . Chapter use Lakoff 's conceptual metaphor classification will be cleared according to the word metaphor classification : physical metaphor structural metaphor , spatial metaphors . Each category is divided into many smaller categories based on similarity . Explain each category , the article refers to two or three examples to illustrate the application of the metaphor theory . The fourth chapter of the use of space integration theory cleared according to the word of some uncommon metaphor . Related to ancient Chinese culture , such metaphors a little difficult to understand , so the article prior to analysis described in a simple source of such metaphors , and cultural background . Articles use chart analysis of such metaphors to make the reader a clearer understanding of metaphor generation . Practice has proved that the cognitive metaphor theory can be used to analyze ancient Chinese poetry ; addition , the analysis of ancient Chinese poetry has played a positive role in promoting the development of Chinese teaching and cognitive metaphor theory .

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