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A Feminist Interpretation of Becky Sharp in Vanity Fair

Author JiaWeiWei
Tutor ShenFuYing
School Shandong University
Course English Language and Literature
Keywords Thackeray Vanity Fair Becky Sharp Feminist Patriarchy
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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William Meck Pease Thackeray is the United Kingdom on behalf of the writers of the critical realism, his novel \Works portrayed the two female characters distinct but interrelated Becky Sharp and Amelia · plug enrichment. Thackeray attention through the joys and sorrows of the two women, the status and role of women in the patriarchal society money first and class consciousness, criticized the concept of marriage and family advocate Victoria decadent, hypocritical society. The paper focuses on re-interpretation from a feminist perspective \This paper is divided into several parts, as follows: First, a brief review of the full overview, including Thackeray's artistic achievement, \. The first chapter analyzes Becky subversion of the traditional image of women weak. As a daughter, in times of hardship, Becky can have the courage to face reality, instead of the father to take up household responsibilities, a strong-willed women, rather than representatives of the weak. In the process of looking for her husband, Becky, more than men, active and shrewd, Becky is not the traditional women, she subverts the weak image of women. The second chapter analyzes Becky how to challenge patriarchy. First Becky to change her husband is the ruler of the division of labor and traditional family roles of wife in a subordinate position. Becky is the economic leader, is the decision-maker, and her husband became naturalized into obedient servant of his wife, while his wife became the owner. Second, Becky is not a good mother in a traditional sense, but her husband, Lawton assume responsibility for his son's care. In addition, Becky challenged patriarchal society. Miss Pinkerton, she and patriarchy advocates struggle to reject her unreasonable demands. Becky just would not play the role of family female teachers, meddling in the affairs of the family's economic Pete Baron, leaner and even more than Baron. The third chapter discusses Becky difficulties encountered in the process of self dreams and challenges patriarchy and setbacks. On the one hand, she challenges the patriarchy, unwilling to do the traditional female, on the other hand, if she refused to become the \And Becky and her husband have no source of income, that Becky natural encounter economic difficulties. Thus in the process of looking for money and status, Becky easy fallen patriarchal accessories. Dishonorable means, Becky success in the community and did not bring her true happiness, but spiritual emptiness and loneliness. In addition, in a patriarchal society, once the wife was unfaithful to her husband, it is difficult to be husband to forgive, it is easy to be abandoned by her husband, her final fate will be a psychological setback. The last The author concluded that: Becky challenge patriarchy is a true warrior: Li Beiji body in the novel also reflects the tone of the budding women. In the process of self-realization, Becky has encountered many problems and dilemmas, but she was, after all, has taken a first step in resistance to patriarchy, and Becky's self-awareness has also been developed, which is a significant improvement.

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