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Research and Development of Embedded Network Video Monitor System Based on ARM Platform

Author LiShangDa
Tutor HuoMengYou
School Shandong University
Course Mechanical and Electronic Engineering
Keywords ARM platform WINCE Embedded Systems Network Monitoring Video drivers acquisition
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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Since the beginning of the 21st century, with the rapid development of China's economic, social, cultural, and the pace of life of the people increasingly accelerated remote interaction requirements continue to increase. The networked lifestyle really into ordinary people's homes. In order to meet the sustained and rapid development of society, must be widely developed the working life of the application of network and information technology products, to meet the needs of the social market. The subject is oriented to the current network is rapidly growing popularity of home remote monitoring market situation, a high level of integration, micropower, low-cost design ideas to build a real-time, networked, digitized embedded home remote monitoring system to adapt to normal home remote security needs, and improve the quality of life and security of life in low-and middle-income groups. Embedded Network Video Monitoring System is a complete video processing and transmission system based on ARM9 and WindowsCE platform. S3C2410 embedded hardware platform WindowsCE5.0 embedded operating system, camera-driven acquisition module has five major components of the the network transceiver modules and codec module. First embedded network monitoring system, the overall design, cost and market demand, the completion of the selection of the functional components and software platforms. Market widely recognized S3C2410 hardware choice, the CS8900A network controller, SDRAM memory NANDFASH camera chips that meet the functional requirements and control costs, while ensuring compatibility and job stability; software platform choose to take into account the market recognition degree and software compatibility, while taking into account the complexity of developing, belong to Microsoft's similar WindowsXP Windows CE software environment. Such major software developers can use development tools under WindowsXP completed. This choice is in line with the market mainstream users of Microsoft's identity, but also saves the energy and time of learning and to establish Linux cross-compilation environment. Hardware platform ADS1.2 debugging the operating system PlatformBuilder customize, drive, acquisition, coding and transmission module EVC4.0 under development, to receive, decode and display module developed with VC 6.0. In order to ensure the software and hardware compatibility, software debugging is rarely used Emulator virtual machine hardware connection is established, the real machine debugging using JTAG, serial port, USB port, cross line. For the main topic of software modules WindowsXP development, the WindowsCE debugging, the need to establish the platform between the two operating systems can not be directly compatible with synchronous and interactive. Peripheral software as well as MSASYNC.exe VGA controller, USB extension and other peripheral hardware module is used in experiments to achieve quick experiment, which also caused laboratory equipment and process many complex than the final product. The final product hardware and software environment will be cut to meet the functional minimum scale, only reserved for the cable interface for the upgrade, in order to achieve low-cost, micro-power, highly integrated design requirements. Hardware and software testing of the system: The system installation is easy to use, reliable operation, ordinary network case provides household real-time, to achieve the purpose and requirements of the intended design. Next improvements and the perfect establish a basic platform, and provides the main function.

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