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Study of Power System Operating State Visualization

Author XingYongXu
Tutor ZhangCaiMing
School Shandong University
Course Applied Computer Technology
Keywords Scientific Visualization Power system operation status Graphics processing unit Interpolation Three-dimensional pickup
CLC TP391.41
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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With the constant expansion of the power system, and it is running the state more and more complex and changeable, and scheduling need to process large amounts of data, work tasks are arduous, energy management system (EMS) software makes extensive use of various the generation of a steady stream of analysis of the calculation results, the data display can not meet the actual needs of the existing power dispatch system. Therefore, how to be more reasonable to display large amounts of data in the system is running, the rapid increase in the system performance of human-computer interaction, and scheduling staff so as to reduce the intensity of work, improve work efficiency, and has become an urgent problem. Visualization of power system operation status is in this context, it refers to the use of visualization in scientific computing technology system operating status display graphics or images, to make the system run more convenient, intuitive understanding of the current run the state, in order to take the run control measures more effective, more targeted. Scientific Visualization technology is the late eighties of the last century with the development of computer technology and the emergence of a new research field. It is mainly to study how to convert scientific data visualization, to help personnel understand the calculation method, and widely used in the visualization of spatial data and non-spatial data. In recent years, the visualization technology in power system matures, solved many power dispatch system with a variety of data display and processing problems. In this paper, power dispatch system characteristics and requirements, with reference to a number of domestic and international literature on the power of visualization technology exposition, the visual content of the relevant parameters of the power dispatch system, as well as the existing power system technologies such as geographic visualization electricity to run the state of the wiring diagram, line flow pie charts, dynamic flow, voltage scale, regional load density contour visualization technology to carry out a detailed review, and pointed out the shortcomings of various technologies and improvement strategies, and to put it into practice. Electronics company Power Grid Development cooperation with Shandong Jicheng, the company IES-600 electricity to run the state visualization system to achieve the design and development of the SGL standard graphics layer to complete the flow diagram, the regional load density map contour achieve draw and visualization techniques. The regional load density visualization through random point wedge positioning method to determine the output of the contour line drawing is used a construction method based on cubic spline interpolation curve. This paper presents an improved picked up by rendering three-dimensional scene of the floating-point texture algorithm based on graphics processing unit, the main idea is to take advantage of the graphics processing unit programmable change the traditional rendering pipeline, at the same time draw the object color information of the object or control simply a copy of the access to the screen pointer information is attached, when the pickup object is picked up by the query has been generated texture form lock, case does not occur fast real scene Alternates, it is possible in a very short time to complete pickup judgment operation, waiting The time is far less than the ray method. In the same time, the algorithm achieved accuracy equal to the pixel size of the screen pickup, to meet the requirements of accuracy in the visual system. With the rapid development of GPU hardware, GPU-based rendering textured three-dimensional scene picked up the algorithm will have a greater purpose, another article in IES600 system contour drawing method and regional load density method to achieve the desired objectives to meet the company's requirements.

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