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Quality Evaluation System on PBL for Medical Graduate Education

Author ZuYaQiong
Tutor MaJun
School Tianjin Medical University
Course Epidemiology and Biostatistics,
Keywords Medical Postgraduates PBL Consulting experts Analytic Hierarchy Process Evaluation system Reliability Validity
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Still in the initial stages of exploration purpose PB L (Problem-Based Learning) in medical postgraduate teaching, this study intends to build a multi-level hierarchy, a clear indicator of connotations and reasonable weight, and medical postgraduate teaching practice promotion of medical postgraduate courses PBL teaching quality evaluation system, and the preparation of the accompanying teaching quality evaluation questionnaire, to provide a scientific basis for the further improvement and development of PBL was in medical postgraduate teaching. Methods \average method to improve the reliability of the results of the evaluation. The positive coefficient of the enthusiasm of the experts in the evaluation system build process, authority levels and opinions on the degree of coordination test, experts said that the response rate expert authoritative use logical reasoning argument, consulting experts in accordance with the management of type, medical teaching type , three different types of theoretical research grouping, the coefficient of variation and Kendall coefficient of concordance test expert advice on the degree of coordination within the group. 112 graduate from questionnaire design, data collection, data processing three aspects of the implementation of quality control, preparation of the PBL teaching evaluation questionnaire, participate in a Medical PBL curriculum for pre-survey, to test the validity and reliability of the questionnaire. ICC evaluate the test-retest reliability internal correlation coefficient using analysis of variance; Cronbachα coefficient method internal consistency reliability; Kendall's W analysis test raters reliability; individual with sum analysis and factor analysis \validity and construct validity of the test. The above data establish a database using the SPSS 13.0 statistical software for statistical analysis using Excel software. Contains three-level indicators, eight secondary indicators and 27 three indicators of Medical Postgraduates PBL teaching quality evaluation system was constructed, and the meaning of each of the three indicators were defined in detail, the evaluation at all levels weight. The hiring of experts in this study has a very high authority: screening assessment indexes and weight to determine the link, expert positive coefficient of 95.5% and 90.9%, respectively; managed medical teaching type and theoretical research team of experts 27 The coefficient of variation in the level index weight assignment 0.130-0.299 (lt; 30%), different types of experts grouped Kendall coefficient of concordance gt; 0.7 (P lt; 0.05). Evaluation system based on the preparation of the formation of a Medical Graduate PBL teaching quality evaluation questionnaire. The test-retest reliability of the questionnaire ICC gt; 0.75; the total Cronbachα of internal consistency reliability coefficients of 0.938, the level evaluation Cronbachα coefficient for the teaching program 0.806, the teaching strategies 0.883, teaching effect 0.915 gt; 0.70; raters Reliability Kendall's W was 0.878 (P lt; 0.05); content validity of the questionnaire entries score with the total score of the correlation coefficient 0.407-0.764 (P lt; 0.01) between relevant are up significantly; construct validity using principal components factor analysis, four common factors, the cumulative contribution rate of 63.543%, the largest variance orthogonal rotation, each questionnaire item on a common factor which has a higher load values, the values ??ranged from 0.512-0.820 between (gt; 0.4), factor analysis and the design of the questionnaire structure exactly. The conclusion of the evaluation system for building and supporting the preparation of the questionnaire based on comprehensive scientific evaluation methods, evaluation system build process of hiring experts with good authority, enthusiasm and opinions coordination to ensure that the scientific and reliability of the evaluation system. The analysis of the pre-survey to support questionnaire has good reliability and validity can be widely used in domestic medical schools graduate PBL curriculum teaching quality evaluation.

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