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The Study of the Mechanism and Its Influencing Factors on Laser Peen Forming of Sheet Metal

Author NiMinXiong
Tutor ZhouJianZhong
School Jiangsu University
Course Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation
Keywords Sheet metal Laser shot peening Residual stress Deformation mechanism Influencing factors
Type Master's thesis
Year 2006
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Laser peen forming is the use of high power pulsed laser shock wave generated by the residual stress field induced by unbalanced internal pressure in the sheet metal bending moment caused by the residual stress prompted sheet plastic bending deformation of a sheet metal forming technology. The systematic study of the basic processes and deformation theory of laser peen forming, laser peening sheet metal bending deformation under different conditions. Experimental study and finite element numerical simulation analysis, the main tasks are the following: from the laser material interaction in the process of starting to analyze the shock wave induced by laser peening process and physical mechanisms of metallic materials under mechanical response of high amplitude shock wave loading and shock wave induced residual stress analysis of the impact of residual stress field size and The distribution of some of the main factors. Detailed study of the residual stress the sheet bending deformation mechanisms, based on mechanics, laser peen forming between the residual stress field and the sheet metal bending deformation analysis model, a laser shot peening sheet The basic relationship between the curvature and arc height values ??and parameters, and pointed out some of the main factors affecting the laser peening sheet metal bending deformation. Experiment focuses on the laser pulse parameters peening frequency and coverage of shot peening, shot peening bar with spacing as well as the thickness of the plate material and sheet metal bending deformation characteristics of the relationship between the different parameters of the laser peening sheet bending deformation the basic law of the laser peening residual stress and surface quality of the surface of the sample tested and analyzed. The results showed that there are upper and lower surface of the bending deformation of the plate material after the laser peening beneficial compressive residual stress values ??and good surface quality. On the basis of experimental studies, using the ABAQUS software for laser peening induced residual stress field as well as sheet metal bending deformation process of the finite element numerical simulation, simulation obtained conclusion is consistent with the theoretical analysis and experimental results show that the finite element The method can better predict the deformed shape of the plate material after the laser shot peening and residual field distribution. The research achievements laser shot peening forming parameters in reasonable optimization and sheet metal deformation process control provides a positive significance.

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