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Self-memorization Forecast Model for Deformation and Fracture of Coal and Rock Based on Electromagnetic Emission Signals

Author PengBin
Tutor XiaoHongFei;LiShuQing
School Hunan University of Science and Technology
Course Safety Technology and Engineering
Keywords Rock dynamic disasters Coal and rock deformation and fracture EME Inversion mode Bi- difference method Self-memorization principle Since memorization forecast model
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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At home and abroad a large number of experimental studies have shown that the EME is closely related to the coal and rock deformation and fracture process . Domestic scholars, according to the characteristics of electromagnetic radiation with a non-contact electromagnetic radiation forecasting techniques can be effective in predicting coal or rock dynamic disasters . However, the existing electromagnetic radiation forecasting techniques , making the determination of the site , in order not to affect the production , is generally not regularly targeted measured , the measurement time is shorter , and therefore can not be achieved continuous monitoring has greatly affected the accuracy of prediction . So, how do they do not have electromagnetic radiation, continuous monitoring can improve the accuracy of prediction , is the core of this study . With the help of probability theory and mathematical statistics, matrix theory , advanced mathematics, self-memorization principle of mathematical theory , the basis of field measurement EME signal , the establishment of the electromagnetic radiation signal time series from memorization prediction model . The main research contents are as follows: (1 ) coal and rock deformation and fracture of electromagnetic radiation experiments . By means of electromagnetic radiation signal monitor and electro-hydraulic servo loading system , a variety of coal and rock samples by electromagnetic radiation experiments during upload , coal and rock to examine the relationship between stress and strain changes and electromagnetic radiation variation by the upload process . ( 2) self-memorization model . Based on the electromagnetic radiation signal , the self-memorization thinking of setting a possible nonlinear ordinary differential equations , and then use the specific form of the bi- difference method to inverse equation . Nonlinear ordinary differential equations as the power core , the use of self-memorization principle to derive a differential - integral equation ; using the least squares method to obtain the discrete form of the equation , the coefficient of self-memorization , and thus establish a time sequence from memory model. ( 3) Example . The self-memorization model applied to other time periods for electromagnetic radiation signal prediction results show that the self - memorization model could better predict . In summary , the prediction model of self-memorization principle of electromagnetic radiation signal , has a good forecasting effect , this provides a reference for our country in the coal or rock dynamic disaster prediction .

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