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The Monetary Policy Research of the Shaanxi-Gansu-Ningxia Border Region Government

Author ZhangYongHong
Tutor LiangYanBing
School Yan'an University
Course Modern Chinese History
Keywords Shaanxi-Gansu-Ningxia border region monetary policy currency and legal tender side money struggle currency in circulation
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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In the development of commodity economy, monetary policy is“invisible hand”and use the implementation of policy measures to regulate the market economy on the macro socio-economic development. Successful monetary policy can promote rapid economic growth, rising living standards; the failure of monetary policy is able to lead a country’s financial system collapsed, unemployment soared, so the monetary policy objective - price stability and promote economic growth, full employment and balance of international payments are decide the nation’s fate and livelihood of the event. 1935-1948, the Ningxia Border Region Government to develop the border economy and stabilize market prices, from the Border Region Government to establish the initial to focus on the exploration in the creation of an independent democratic monetary and financial system. From 1938, the gradual release of the Guanghua store of vouchers, while coins and trading companies and other commercial the circulation of ticket three currencies, which Guanghua vouchers are issued as legal tender coins, currency, and the circulation of ticket side is to crowd out legal tender, coin edge to achieve The only currency status; the same time to the effective implementation of monetary policy, border, border area development and implementation of the development of government credit, foreign exchange operations conducted by the establishment of currency exchange regulations and measures, through strict management on the edge of coins and currency and legal tender side, coins of the fierce struggle to establish the status of the currency side of coin; course in the implementation of monetary policy, the Border Region Government from the practice of continuing to explore adopting the long side of money monism and pluralism; controversy, and the issue of how much money it really suitable for the discussion of market demand, and ultimately create a scientific and effective premium, reserves and so improve the financial and monetary system; Ningxia Border Region Government monetary policies issued by the practical embodiment, independence, flexibility and service features for farmers, promoting the border of agriculture, industry, commerce and trade development and prosperity for the Sino-Japanese War and the new democratic revolution has played an important role in the victory, the more I party building after the formulation and promulgation of national currency of practical policy provides valuable experience and lessons learned; Border successful implementation of monetary policy has given us some profound Enlightenment - is the basis for the exchange rate to stabilize prices, inflation is the means to serve the people is the fundamental purpose of the public.In this article, history, economics, statistics, and other point of view of monetary policy Boarder Region to explore, not only for our present Ningxia Border Region as the prevailing social and economic time, but also reflects the currency Ningxia Border Region production, development, evolution and its role in various stages of the case, monetary and financial point of view from the Communist Party of China reflects the Chinese revolution under the leadership of the tortuous development process and the final victory of the glorious history of the Border Region of a comprehensive understanding of the economic construction and systematic study Communist Party of China in the new democratic revolution and the Financial History of considerable importance.

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