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Research Tang monetization of gold and silver

Author LiBoXue
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School Liaoning University
Course History of Ancient China
Keywords Tang Dynasty Gold and Silver Precious Metals Copper money Monetary Policy
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Tang Dynasty in Chinese history, has always been known for its economic and social prosperity for close contacts with foreign countries is known, while the economy is the root cause of social change and development and motivation. There must be strong dynasty solid economic foundation, without a steady stream of land productivity, levy made a lot of manpower and adequate taxes, is not to establish a so-called Tang's vast borders. From money to proceed, the economy is very beneficial for the Tang Dynasty. Of the main text consists of the following three parts: The first part: Tang gold and silver production profile. This part of the main outline of gold and silver production, including the production of gold and silver geographical differences, local production and cost comparisons between production and other relevant circumstances, this is a fundamental part of the article. Part II: Tang gold and silver currency of the phenomenon. This section is part of the article focuses deployment instructions, and by the four components. First, an overview of the main purposes of the Tang Dynasty silver; Section II, of the Tang Dynasty to analyze the phenomenon of gold and silver currency, through the gold and silver into the storage areas were analyzed to determine their properties with the currency and for various currencies phenomenon of comparison, Tang obtained the basic functions of monetary gold and silver basis, to further clarify its monetization process and methods. Section III, Tang gold and silver prices, the price of gold and silver through the Tang Dynasty, and obtained the approximate parity of gold and silver, and gold and silver on the system of money and commodity price ratio. Fourth, the Tang Dynasty to explore the reasons for monetization of gold and silver, for gold and silver currency of the phenomenon appeared in the Tang Dynasty why and how to do some analysis shows monetization of gold and silver, and gold and silver phenomenon causes the condition to become currency. Part III: the impact of the Tang monetization of gold and silver. This section is to specify the early Tang Dynasty implement monetary system, namely the basic system Qian Bo and Chief of the trend in the gold and silver currency appears, monetization through taxes, and gradually promote the system of money to become a mainstream currency. Gold and silver, silk silk, made money in this section is the relationship between the focus of the study further illustrate the monetization of gold and silver socio-economic impact of the Tang Dynasty. Sufficient to develop the socio-economic, must have a stable system and healthy money supply and circulation. Tang has a set of monetary regulation instruments to promote the country's agricultural and handicraft production, control of price stability, human security border levy made. Monetization of gold and silver is also an important aspect of the Tang Dynasty economy.

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