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Research on Social Contradictions before and after the Opium War

Author FengChengCheng
Tutor ZhangJie
School Liaoning University
Course History of Ancient China
Keywords Opium War “Dao Guang”dynasty social contradictions solutions
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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An important cut-off point in Chinese history is the Opium war, after which there are many new elements involved into the old Chinese society. Furthermore, the social contradictions changed due to the Opium war, which brought different attitudes towards these contradictions from the Qing dynasty.This paper takes social contradictions in Qing dynasty as the main object, the Opium War as a dividing point to study the social contradictions and the measurement before and after the“Dao Guang”dynasty.This paper consists of three parts: the introduction, the body and conclusion. The major consists of three parts:The first part focuses on the social contradictions problems before the Opium War. Before the Opium War, the most troubling problem is overpopulation, land shortage and frequent natural disasters. With the influx of opium, opium has also become one of the main social contradictions issues of the people; the second part focuses on the social contradictions problems after the Opium War. After the Opium War, the Qing government with financial difficulty wantonly plundered farmer so that small farmers fell in bankruptcy, conflicts rose among different classes, and the whole society was in disorder; the third part is about the measures taken to solve social contradictions issues of the government, including: relieving the people in stricken areas, intensifying water-control project and relieving money and grain. After the Opium War, due to imperial treasury deficit, methods to solve social contradictions were less efficient than those before the war.Whether the measures are good enough directly affected the country’s development and stability. Feudal rulers who could not give up their own political identity will not fundamentally solve the social contradictions and have to ultimately face the uprising from the bottom class: peasantry.

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