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Study on Rabies Virus Carrier Rate and Immune Effect of Dog Immunized with Live Attenuated Rabies Vaccine

Author ChenJun
Tutor YuGuangKai
School Luzhou Medical College
Course Internal Medicine
Keywords Rabies Rabies live attenuated vaccine The rabies virus carrier rate Immune effect
CLC S858.292
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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Objective: rabies attenuated live vaccine of immune dogs before and after the dog rabies virus carrier rate detection and compare rabies live attenuated vaccine with inactivated vaccine dog after dog serum rabies virus antibody seroconversion rate, to evaluate the rabies live attenuated vaccine to provide a reference for the safer and more effective prevention and control of rabies occurred. Methods: Experiment 1: Select the period 2007-2008 in Sichuan Province on the prevention and control of rabies office organization epidemiological survey of dog rabies virus collected two monitoring points 600 dog saliva specimens for rabies virus antigen detection. The rabies virus antigen detection rapid rabies enzyme-linked immunosorbent diagnostic methods (RapidRabi-esEnzymeImmuno-Diagnosis, RREID), choose French Pasteur Institute (Pasteur) antigen and antibody kits for detection. Two monitoring points were divided into 2 groups: Group 1 300 saliva samples, 150 were for rabies live vaccine before the specimens, and 150 parts immune March saliva samples. The second set of 300 samples, 150 were for the injection of rabies the dog saliva specimens live attenuated vaccine, 150 live attenuated vaccine in March after dog saliva specimens. The two groups of dogs were in front of the test are never any rabies vaccine injection. Experiment II: 60 serum rabies antibody detection. 60 serum samples were divided into two groups, the first group of dogs of the injection of live attenuated vaccine serum 40 were the second group of 20 were dog serum (domestic rabies vaccine) injection of inactivated vaccine. The detection time for March after vaccination. Selection of the manufacturer of the Pasteur Institute, France antibody detection kit for detection. The method of operation is carried out in strict accordance with the instructions operating procedures, and all reagents used both in the period, the sample sucked light rate value and given the determination of value (cut-off value, COV) were compared to determine whether or not the sample of rabies virus antigen or antibodies , count data x2 test data analysis, SPSS14.0 statistical package for statistical analysis of the test results, P lt; 0.05 Differences were considered statistically significant, P gt; 0.05 think the difference was not statistically significant. Results: (1) two monitoring points attenuated live vaccine before the dog saliva rabies virus carrying rate of the live attenuated vaccine in dogs after saliva rabies virus carrying rate there is no difference. (2) inactivated vaccine (rabies vaccine) the immunohistochemistry dogs seroconversion rate was significantly higher than the live attenuated vaccine group dog serum antibody seroconversion rate. Conclusion: before and after the live attenuated vaccine, the dog saliva rabies virus carrying rate there is no difference, attenuated live vaccine in dogs after seroconversion rate was significantly lower than the inactivated vaccine in dogs after serum antibody seroconversion rate, suggesting that our should prohibit the domesticated animal inoculation domestic rabies live attenuated vaccine, instead with domestic inactivated vaccine.

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