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Study on Eggplant Anther Culture and Regenerated Seedlings Ploidy Identification

Author GuoLingJuan
Tutor SunZhiQiang
School Henan Agricultural University
Course Cultivation
Keywords Eggplant Carbon Embryoid Flow cytometry Ploidy Fluorescent dye
CLC S641.1
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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This test different types of eggplant varieties used as materials for the eggplant microspore developmental stages of relationship between their starch coloring; different hormone combinations, carbon, additives, etc. on eggplant callus induction; different hormone combinations callus proliferation ; different hormone combinations embryoid induction test and post embryoids seedlings ploidy identification test. In order to be able to explore the respective three ways to get out from in vitro anther culture plants suitable conditions for the establishment of a comprehensive Eggplant Anther Culture and Ploidy Identification System. Specific test results are as follows: 1. Eggplant varieties for six microspore developmental stage and starch coloring rate were studied. The results show that small spores starch colored calyx lobed base rate differential with the increase showed an increasing trend, but also between different varieties there is a clear difference. 'Selection of green eggplant' starch coloring rate than single-core centered on single-core aside, there is a distinct peak; while the other five species are associated with the development of small spores, starch accumulation is rising, and the single nuclear front lower rate, monocytes after rising rate of starch coloring rate accelerated. Overall, the most suitable for anther culture of mononuclear microspore period, has a certain accumulation of starch grains, but not high. 2 different hormone combinations, carbon source, additive effects on callus induction. ① single hormone callus induction rate is almost zero, auxin and cytokinin combination must, where to 0.2mg/L2 ,4-D 1.0mg/LNAA 0.25mg / L KT hormone combination of three kinds of performance of the most good. ② various species are on a 2% sucrose performance is more appropriate. Save 13% glucose, the other six treatments on four species of the overall effect of a callus callus rate performance are better varieties adaptable; 6% maltose on the 2nd species, 6.5% of glucose on the 5th the effect of two varieties of callus rate effect is more prominent. ③ 7 treatments on four varieties rate of a callus callus were higher than 45% of the effect of the performance are good, little difference between varieties; while the effect on callus rate of 2 treatments and cultivars in different . 100mg / L arginine on the 5th and the 6th varieties callus rate of 2 outstanding performance, 100mg / L glutamine, 100mg / L phenylalanine and 10mg / L AgNO3 for 6,5,2,1 4 species effects are in descending order, are the 6th best varieties, the 1st species than the times. 3 different hormone combinations proliferation medium, add the coconut milk's effect is more obvious. The 3rd and the 4th most species are suitable proliferation medium MS 0.1 mg / L NAA 1mg/LKT 75mL / L coconut milk 2% sucrose. 4.5 Varieties treatment 1 (0.2 mg / L 2,4-D 0.5 mg / L ZT) and treatment 3 (2mg/LNAA 0.5 mg / LZT) either no reaction medium; besides the 5th varieties treatment 2 (2mg / L NAA 0.25 mg / LKT) no response, the other four species are on the medium in dealing with two out of the embryoid induction, and for 1,2,3 3 green eggplant varieties anthers embryoid induction of embryogenesis rate above 3%, germination rate reached 13.6% or more. Ie Embryoids suitable medium for MS 2mg / L NAA 0.25 mg / LKT 2% sucrose. Visible only embryoid induction with auxin and cytokinin ratio, but also with the various types of hormones are closely related. 5 In flow cytometry detected eggplant anther culture out of the eight regenerated plants, a mixoploid, seven diploid, which mixoploid refer to the same blades are made of haploid, diploid Both ploidy groups.

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