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Effects of the Different Corn Straw Substrates on Cucumber Growth and Development

Author LiuZhenGuo
Tutor PuFengZhi
School Henan Agricultural University
Course Cultivation
Keywords Corn straw Cucumber Soilless culture Physical-chemical characteristic Yield Quality
CLC S642.2
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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Using agriculture castoff as material of organic solid planting medium is studing more and more these days. Corn straw was taken as the main substrate,turf,vermiculite,perlite as the assistant substrate in this experimentation; five different nursery media were taken to plant cucumber(Yuyi Feicui), Physical and chemical characteristics of five different compound medium were studied in different stages. The effects on the cucumbers growth and development, yield and quality were also studied in this paper. The aim is to find the suitable proportion of compound medium in planting cucumber and to provide the basic theory of culture. The results are as follows:1. The physical characteristic of cucumber expressioned better when it was cultured in treatmentⅢ(corn straw: vermiculite: perlite= 1:1:1). Its plant height, plant diameter, up-ground fresh weight and leaf area were highest, its setting number and MDA were lowest. The cucumber plant height was 182.67cm , plant diameter was 11.5cm , up-ground fresh weight was 299.1g , leaf area was 362.9㎝2. It average setting number was 6.33, MDA was 0.85μmol·g-1 FW.2. The treatmentⅢbulk density was 0.151g·cm-3,Total porosity was78.43%,water retained porosity was 56.72%,aeration porosity was 21.71%,the ratio of A/W was 0.38. Its physical characteristic was the best, and it will be better for the culter of cucumber.3. The cucumber with a higher VC, sugar content, dissolve solid and yield when it was cultered in treatmentⅢ. It average VC was 11.63 mg·100g-1, average sugar content was 1.35%, average dissolve solid was 9.2%, average yield was 83791.7㎏·hm-2, and the yield was increased by 7.2%.4. Its synthesize character appearance better when turf, vermiculite, and perlite were mixed by 1:1:1, in other words when the volume proportion is 30% the cultivation effect was beter. Cultivation effect is better than the substrate not contain perlite, whether there are existent better substrate we should study more.

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