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Effect of Allelopathy on Wheat and Broad Bean of Intercropping System in Different Water Supply Conditions

Author ZhangHui
Tutor HuangPeng;ChaiQiang
School Gansu Agricultural University
Course Crop Cultivation and Farming System
Keywords root exudation allelopathic effect 2-methoxy-3-(2-propenyl) phenol wheat intercropping broad bean dry matter accumulation root system soil microorganism
CLC S643.6
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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Root exudation of wheat and broad bean were extracted by ethy ether,and biological characteristics of two kinds of root exudation were tested by gas chromatography and ms technique.As well as The influence of Root exudates 2-methoxy-3-(2-propenyl) phenol on different intercropping systems,root system and rhizosphere microbes were comprehensively studied under the different water conditions.The main results are:1.Root exudation of wheat and broad bean mainly include amide,mellow,ketone, benzene,phenol,grease,aldehyde or ganic acid,furan,and amino acid et al under different water supply,soil extract mainly include amide,benzene,mellow,phenol and acid et al,which were maybe included in soil itself.Root exudation of 2-methoxy-3-(2-propenyl) phenol appears at 10.59 and 10.61 min.However, 2-methoxy-3-(2-propenyl) phenol in root exudation of broad bean were not only tested under three different water supply,but also concentration of that become bigger along with increasing water supply level.2.The rhizosphere microbes showed,biological characteristics of root exudation were tested,the effect of 2-methoxy-3-(2-propenyl) phenol on wheat,broad bean and corn seedling was manifested as:the promotion of low concentration was increasing,but inhibition or promotion of high concentration was decreasing.The effect of High concentration of 2-methoxy-3-(2-propenyl) phenol on unicast wheat was manifested as inhibition,and the effect of that on mixed sowing with corn and broad bean was shown as decreasing ingibition or becoming promotion.It showed that inhibition of cropping pattern on 2-methoxy-3-(2-propenyl) phenol decreased.3.Dry matter accumulationab and distribution in different treatment showed that biological yield can be increa.sed which treated by 2-methoxy-3-(2-propenyl) phenol,it can be increased more when lacing water,the output can be increased 17.38%、5.98%、7.26%in sole wheat and in sole board bean and inter-cropping.The effect of cropping Pattern on plant dry weight and stem dry weight is greater than that of 2-methoxy-3-(2-propenyl) phenol,water has greater effect at the stage of reproductive growth for leaves.2-methoxy-3-(2-propenyl) phenol can improve the outputs of wheat and broad bean.It showed that 2-methoxy-3-(2-propenyl) phenol can promote the improment of yield,and 2-methoxy-3-(2-propenyl) phenolcan remission adverse environment.4.2-methoxy-3-(2-propenyl) phenol can give greater injury for cell of root when lacking water,The effect of 2-methoxy-3-(2-propenyl) phenol for the membrane permeability of cell of root showed that the membrane permeability can be increased20.57%,19.08%,19.88%and 9.22%,6.98%,22.18%under in sole wheat and in sole board bean respectively;The membrane permeability can be increased28.41%, 10.78%、3.29%and 51.18%、9.32%、7.25%under in sole wheat and in sole board bean respectively.And the injury for cell of root at the stage of vegetative growth less than that of reproductive growth.5.At the biological characteristics determination of root exudates,bacteria is main population of soil microorganism at the four growth development stage,the number of actinomycetes is less than fungi at jointing stage and heading date,the number of actinomycetes is more than mature stage and filling stage of wheat.With the advancing of growth period of wheat,the number of soil microorganism decreaced,the variation trends are similar with Bacteria.6.The diversity index and evenness index of microorganism in sole wheat of enough water is greatest when added 2-methoxy-3-(2-propenyl) phenol,the patten of adding 2-methoxy-3-(2-propenyl) phenol made the diversity index and evenness index decrease when give enough water.

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