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Construction of Contemporary Chinese Popular Culture from Globalization Perspective

Author LiuFuBing
Tutor ZhangWenSheng
School Yan'an University
Course The philosophy of Marxism
Keywords Globalization Popular culture Chinese popular culture
CLC G122
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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In the wave of globalization, cultural globalization is already intensifying. The global cultural exchange and collision has become a main platform among nations and inter-ethnic conversation, and popular culture will undoubtedly become a concentrated expression of their confrontation. In the present era, popular culture, mainstream culture and elite culture have long been kept pace with. It will undoubtedly become the most influential cultural form and is changing the historical development of human culture and the pattern with its all-pervasive penetration. Therefore, it is necessary to define globalization and sort out relationship between popular culture and globalization so as to promote the healthy development of popular culture and to explore the correct path of human cultural development both from the theoretical or practical aspect.In terms of the essence of globalization, it contains the globalization of culture. In more occasions, it is the performance of exchange and collision of different cultural ideas and value system. In this sense, the correct understanding of the cultural meaning of globalization has become the key fulcrum to the healthy development of global cultural. This requires us to firmly oppose the cultural hegemony, uphold and respect the independence of national culture, take the road of cultural diversity, and make distinction between the global consensus and convergence of different cultures in the process of globalization. Thus correct concept of cultural development will be established.Globalization is a double-edged sword. For Chinese popular culture, we should have a dialectical view of the dual effects brought about by globalization. In the process of the integrating into the globalization and meeting with the contemporary popular culture, we should always be alert to prevent corrosion of the western thought to Chinese popular culture and stick to the path of popular culture with Chinese characteristics. Also, weshould pay attention to the rational thinking of the existence of contemporary Chinese popular culture and to examine the necessity of it in terms of culture, genetic, modernity. At the same time, we should develop it into national, service-oriented culture, so as to promote prosperity and social harmony and progress of Chinese culture.Since reform and opening, Chinese popular culture has made considerable progress both in theoretical and practical aspect. Meanwhile, it is inevitably endowed with many defects and deficiencies. From theoretical point of view, there is still limitations and bias in cognition of popular culture.; from the perspective of value, popular culture has a value orientation of the disorder, commercialization, mechanization, and the tendency of getting rid of the mainstream of culture, elite culture. At the same time, it stimulates the development of consuming culture; from the angle of practice of popular culture, it appeared unbalanced development, backward industry, as well as attached to the Western development model.For the current shortcomings of Popular Culture in China, we should seek truth from facts and everything is from the basic principles of reality to explore causes of the solution from root so as to promote the healthy development of Chinese popular culture. First, in theoretical terms, we should strengthen the study of Chinese popular culture theory and treat it in a dialectical view. Also, we should pay attention to and promote the spread and popularity of popular culture, based on strengthening of Popular Culture in indigenous research and adhered to the road of Chinese Characteristics. Second, in the value level, we should stress the role that intellectual play in the cultural construction, deepening popular study of Marxist philosophy to continuously improve the public’s scientific and cultural level. Meanwhile we should explore the excellent cultural achievements at home and abroad to abandon consuming culture, and guide a healthy lifestyle of the public to enhance the popular culture value. Finally, in practice, we should strongly promote the development of cultural industry for providing a strong material base of the prosperity of the socialist culture. At the same time, we should uphold the reform and opening up and improve the market economy system to create an open, liberal and stable domestic and international environment for development of Chinese popular culture.

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