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The new realism deformation language contemporary sculpture

Author LiJinYan
Tutor ZhangMing
School Guangxi College of Art
Course Fine Arts
Keywords new realism transformation contemporary sculpture sculpture language
CLC J304
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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When arts developed to the 20th century, various cultural concepts interwove and several new philosophies of thought, art schools appeared one after another,which impacted and challenged people’s inherent habit of appreciation. Contemporary Sculpture was not only influenced and impacted by various aesthetic concepts, but also reflected itself and reconstructed in language and form. New sculptural languages, forms, materials, application of color and emotional expression are emerging. Of course, in addition to the language of sculpture, the cultural background of the whole society, mass psychology, consumer orientation, and values are breaking the old pattern: mass culture replaced the elite culture, diversity replaced the unified ,the theme of artistic creation mode is gradual digestion and be replaced by many new sculpture language form, which also indicates that aesthetic thinking of sculpture gets further liberated , providing the possibilities of the improvement of language of sculpture art and appreciation abilities.In contemporary China, there are two trends for the language of handling realistic sculpture: one is to give material to life which followed the West realistic way, and the other is toappropriately"exaggerate" and "distort." in complying with the principles of human science based on anatomy, creations, the needs of the Figure for Realistic figure. The deformation is to increase the diversity and beauty of art forms. It is necessary to figure out the proportion of the specific shape and structure of the constraints, but they can not completely disregard the body’s physiological characteristics too. Therefore, the deformation of exaggerated characters should retain and highlight the characters, making trade-offs and simplify in accordance with the look and the aesthetic need to make works of art more charming.Based on the new concept and connotation of realism deformation language in the Chinese contemporary sculpture; the development in the traditional sculpture; China’s new aesthetic orientation of contemporary sculpture, problems of appearing in its own development; language analysis of New Realism deformation Language in contemporary sculpture: methods and techniques, distortion and exaggeration, color and emotional issues, this thesis is to explore the specific performance of new realism deformation language in contemporary sculpture , in order to grasp the new aesthetic orientation of contemporary sculpture art and guide my own Sculpture art creation practice.

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