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Clinical Research on the Interventional Treatment of Spinal Manipulation Against Premature Ejaculation(PE)

Author ZhouZhiYi
Tutor GuYiHuang
School Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Course Chinese medicine
Keywords Premature ejaculation Spinal manipulation Behavioral therapy Clinical research
CLC R698
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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Premature ejaculation is a common andrology, mainly for man in life, free to control ejaculation function is reduced, continuous and repeated insertion of the penis into the vagina or inserted into the vagina before ejaculation quickly, or can not effectively maintain ejaculation time reach a mutually satisfactory sex life of the couple. The pathogenesis of the disease is not very clear, generally considered the cause of the premature ejaculation there are not only part of the psychological unusual trends such as depression, anxiety, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder and hostile psychological factors, but there is a neuropathic organic disease, penis hypersensitivity or the penile sensory nerve excitability increased, so that ejaculatory function adjustment disorder caused by premature ejaculation. Chinese medicine believes that the occurrence of premature ejaculation, heart, liver, spleen, kidney dysfunction and. The yin and yang of kidney Piansheng partial failure based. Summarized as in the pathogenesis of hyperactivity, Firelight strong heart and spleen deficiency, heart timid cowardly, liver heat, kidney and other reasons, which led to the fine off Shuxie disorders, constraint incompetent and suffering. However, in the treatment of modern medicine and traditional Chinese medicine therapy, there are side effects or the effect is not certain shortcomings. This study hopes to by premature ejaculation mechanism of integrative medicine demonstration of thinking, to find more effective theory and treatment methods, and test the effectiveness of the method in clinical. Theoretical research, I believe that ejaculation is completed by the sympathetic, parasympathetic and somatic, sympathetic regulation ejaculate from next to the the thoracolumbar marrow (T10 to L2) from the sympathetic ganglia, efferent fibers formed around the abdominal aorta lumbar sympathectomy, down across the common iliac artery into the pelvic cavity to form the hypogastric plexus, the adrenergic nerve issued by sympathetic postganglionic fiber into the bladder neck, prostate, vas deferens and seminal vesicles. The the parasympathetic regulation ejaculation pudendal nerve (somatic) with from the sacral (S2 to S4) next in the pelvic pelvic nerve plexus, issued by the fiber into the site of the bladder neck. The occurrence of premature ejaculation and the related neurological dysfunction is closely related to these nerves Traveling is closely related to the location and morphology of the spine. Adjust the treatment of the spine should be able to produce neurological ejaculation regulatory role, so as to achieve the purpose of treatment of premature ejaculation. The traditional Chinese medicine believes that premature ejaculation occurs with a variety of factors, and wasting (kidney, heart, spleen) and most closely related to the liver through the hot and humid relationship. I believe that premature ejaculation pathological nocturnal emission is similar to a \theoretical point of view, on the part of the heart \by spinal manipulation regulate the body's yin and yang balance. The ejaculation reflex subject spinal ejaculation adjustment, is also affected by the regulation of brain ejaculation, the latter on the former play a controlling role. PE patients are often due to the lack of knowledge about sex, too nervous, excited, and between husband and wife with the bad reasons caused ejaculation disorders of the brain, leading to the ejaculatory dysfunction, manifested as anxiety, depression, stress and disappointment. From the Masters-Johnson since the sensate focus training, behavior therapy has been used as treatment of premature ejaculation one of the primary means. Regulate the functional activity of the cerebral cortex, behavioral therapy to reduce the excitability of the senior center and spinal cord ejaculation, to ease the sense of urgency of ejaculation, improve ejaculation stimulation threshold. Guide the patient experience orgasm before feeling reflection after repeatedly established new conditions. It is particularly noteworthy is that behavioral therapy is the most effective means to improve China's relatively closed sexual attitudes, sexual knowledge and skills to improve health of the patient couple. Treatment not only premature ejaculation be corrected, but also raise the quality of life, which is the other therapies can not be replaced and compare. Clinical research, the selected 57 cases of patients with premature ejaculation were randomly divided into treatment group (27 cases) and the pure behavioral therapy control group (30 cases), spinal manipulation therapy with behavioral therapy treatment to treatment group, the control group received a simple behavior therapy, vaginal ejaculation latency while the two groups of patients, CIPE-5 score, spouse satisfaction project observation and statistical analysis to compare the differences of the two groups were. The study found that all patients can be found in the T10 to L2 paraspinal the obvious tenderness point, the left and right distribution ranging from; 1 patient with significant scoliosis; accompanied by backache symptoms accounted for 52.6% of all patients with sacroiliac joints staggered joint. These positive signs distribution with the competent ejaculation ejaculation (thoracic spinal cord to the lower section of the lumbar spinal cord and spinal cord sacral segments) corresponding to the region of the spine consistent. January after treatment, the two groups of vaginal ejaculatory latency, CIPE-5 score than before treatment significantly increased (P <0.01). Spinal manipulation with behavior therapy, the treatment group ejaculation time, CIPE-5 score was significantly higher than that in the control group. The treatment group before and after the severe to moderate or mild premature ejaculation into patients increased significantly. And vaginal ejaculatory latency after treatment with the control group, the difference was statistically significant (p <0.01). From the CIPE-5 rating, spinal manipulation behavior therapy group also higher than behavioral therapy alone group, the difference was significant (p <0.01), the above results show that: the use of spinal manipulation with behavioral therapy is the treatment of premature ejaculation is effective and better than the efficacy of behavioral therapy alone, at the same time confirmed the pathological mechanism of premature ejaculation and spinal imbalance on this inference.

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