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Narrative Research and Value Evaluation on Strategy of Chinese TV Play

Author ZhengYeBai
Tutor JiangYongGang
School Liaoning University
Course Radio and television Art
Keywords narrative research value judgment strategy drama
CLC J905
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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The " intrigue" is prevalent among the current television show, from the earlier Palace theme to the business war and spy war can be described as more and more rich. But audience’s viewing enthusiasm also increasingly surges upward. Facing such popular phenomenon, plot emerging in the play is as a creative means or a new type of TV show, which is the starting point of this thesis. Similarly, such " intrigue " filled screen that will lead to landslide of higher value or artistic endeavors is naturally also discussed. Through studying domestic and international research literature, we have not yet discoveried more description about this phenomenon, few considers such drama as a type of research and there is no its value judgments. The blank of research expects to have gained ground. The thesis launched research with the narrative theory and Seema art theory to study the play text.The thesis divides into three parts. In the first part, the author defines this kind of popular "intrigue drama" phenomenon, believe that it is a new type of drama which is different from general play and have their own unique characteristics. The strategy of drama and life have response relation and simulation relations ,which are different from general TV play, but the direct reaction, and reflect neglected opponents and secret, is alternative simulation. profitability, change, integrity, thoroughness, careful and clipsal characterization of strategy that reflective and emulational strategy demonstrated has become a means of promoting the development of plot and revealing their external characteristics.But further study found that reveal of the external characteristics is actually decided by the natural characteristics. Strategy for characterization is actually strategy character oneself’s own perceptual manifestation; plot development strategy also is due to its narration; the structure of play is also subject to strategy in the beginning and end. Therefore, what is different from TV play is the unique strategy characters, strategy plot and the strategy structure which are the essential characteristics of the "intrigue" play. Therefore, we can draw the conclusion that strategy play is the strategy designed to seek people’s facilities plan for the performance of the content, to show "true and false, good and evil, beauty and ugliness" and antagonism between the theme, plot, against the other for its aesthetic characteristics of the TV series. The subject matter is divided into courtiers, palace, shopping malls, the workplace, enemy and ourselves and the other strategy types.The narration of the strategy drama is the demonstration of strategy itself, in the second part, from narrative perspective, the author conducts the exhaustive research about strategy play’s narration from the strategy element, the strategy, the implementation skill, the strategy process, the strategy outcome, the strategy link aspects and so on .Around the strategy drama, narrative elements include external cause- and internal cause and incentive event - the purpose of schemer, which is the initial strategy session; schemer, there is difference between decent and villain, active and passive, cooperation and participation , that the conspirators, is also the promoter of the eternal plot strategy, which is essential placeThe narration of the strategy drama distinguishes from the general TV play; implementers, the implementation of those strategies; strategy, the core elements of narration of strategy drama, bearing narrative discourse of all the plot and characters, which are more than ten kinds, such as honey trap、releasing in order to catch and it is the main plot attraction; strategy object, is also the opponent, is not the other aspect which pays attention, with neglected true, it expresses one of strategy drama’s values.Skills of strategy drama has paved the way for the implementation of drama, direct design, chain design , changes of each narrative design lead to the psychological changes of audience ratings and ups and downs of the plot ,therefore it can guarantee artistic charm of play.Strategy drama is the outcome of the implementation consequences of a single strategy. Generally it includes several strategies such as the success and failure, strategies resolved, strategy upgrading, which is not only the true reflection of this change, but also the need of plot evolution.Strategy implementation process refers to manifestation of strategy in the drama, there is various arrangements such as the natural order, time, restructuring, hidden schemer, seeking after exposing and so on. This kind of change causes the audience also to be in the strategy,, so that strategy drama more dramatic.Implementation part of the strategy is the key stage of the operation. The first is breakthrough, there are the character, the sentiment, the goods and so on, which enables the strategy take advantage of it to take place; The creation executes condition refers to seeking for the opportunity, may be the place, the event, the time and so on; The strategy detail is the important arrangements such as language, the thing, the character and so on that the success of the strategy needed , can make the narration of“the strategy”conforms to logic, promotes the plot development, displays the character disposition; Action is the above link in drama, which lets the audience feel the the authenticity and the artistry of strategy .The third part is the value judgment of strategy drama. strategy drama was widely criticized as a show of "machinations," in fact it was really a manifestation of its anti-artistic value.First, it is in line with the art form of communication theory. Habermas’ communication theory is to construct a theory of an ideal future relationships. Strategy drama with schemer and antagonist who seek their own interests in communication theory shows the purpose of the dialogue; the strategy demonstrates the process of human interaction and provide a basis for understanding; to be alien to nature, truth, sincerity, legitimacy, etc. Characteristics of the language create effective communication language patterns to help achieve the rationalization of communicative action.Next, the essence of strategy drama is artistic performance of the public domain. It shows different male fields of different social structure, is also critical of field. The harem, the royal courtier strategy play is summon of individual right of the representative public domain, the business circle, the work place strategy play is the exposition of personal gain of residential public domain, this also takes the intermediary status and the function strategy drama as the reconsideration material which provides for the reasonable public domain’s construction .Finally, the strategy drama has real aesthetic value. Strategy drama actually breaks the conceptual interpretation of the play, revealed the rest of the facts and presents the opposite side emotionally, defend and fight for individual and non-identity, it is non-conceptual art; it follows the principle of negative aesthetics, and narrate the story that clearly disobeys the fact so that destroy the audience’s sensibility, make the familiar reality strange, with the enigmatic features, it highlights the real life in non-realistic fragments, or even deformation of the counter narrative content of the strategy; to describe the disappearance of opposite the gap and hidden anti-fragment the whole event a kind of state of discourse in order to shape the role of atypical residual shows and events unfamiliar kind of anti-harmonious state, the ultimate portrait of the machinations abandon the false state of extreme ugliness like to eternal and timeless strategy riddle of events like the anti-determined state, highlights the aesthetic characteristics of negative art; to people who do not introspective criticism and challenges to abandon its own ugly character, to reflect the evil spirit of the force , and to investigate the causes of ugly things aesthetic transcendence, to the pursuit human harmony as a metaphysical point and to highlight the negative value of art.The thesis has proven that feasibility of the strategy drama as a new type of TV play, has combed the strategy drama’s narrative discourses and the narrative strategy, had expounded its art’s value of negativity, has contributed the strength to fundamental research, has provided the reference for the creation of TV play, so it has the academic innovation and the social benefit.

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