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Study on Model Analysis and Counter-strategy of the Mechanism Reform of National Enterprises Hospitals

Author XuXiang
Tutor FangPengZuo
School Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Course Social Medicine and Health Management
Keywords National enterprises hospital System reformation model countermeasure
CLC R197.3
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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ObjectiveNational enterprises hospital is the product in the planned economy period which pay a very important role in the health service for the staffs and the stability of the human resource. Though with the development of the economic mechanism reformation domestically, the reformation of the enterprises hospital would be indispensable. Currently, it is a pivotal era for the development as well as the reformation of the enterprises hospital since within the surrounding of Macro-economic system reformation, health care system reformation, modern medical model. The national enterprises hospital considered as target, and depend on the theory analytics ,through the introduction、analytics、discussion and recommendation of the enterprises hospital reformation, so as to figure out the way for the development of the enterprises hospital.Methods1 Depending on the collection and the analytics of document,it collected the information of related theory and practice experience of the enterprises hospital reformation in and out of the country,then analyzed and discussed. In this way,it Laid the rationale for the research.2 Through the half structure depth interview to the intermediate deck and above cadre of the enterprise hospitals which investigated, it has grasped the reform method、process and the questions of the hospitals, simultaneously gotten the ideas and the suggestion of the models of the state-owned enterprise hospitals reformation. 3 Through the typical scene investigation, it carried on the questionnaire surveys to 5 enterprise hospitals from Hubei Province and Shandong Province. This contents of survey were as follows: survey table of general situation,operation situation, personnel structure situation of the reformed hospital.4 Through the method of descriptive statistical analysis,it selected some index to investigate the longitudinal comparison and crosswise comparison among the hospitals.Results1 General situation of the investigated hospitalsIt extracted 5 system reformed enterprise hospitals (4 of which are second- level hospitals and 1 of which is third-level hospital) to do the typical survey. Xiangfan Condar Hospital, adopts the Organized transferring way; Wuhan Hanyang Hospital and Wuhan Cercis Hospital, adopts the joint-stock system transformation; Wuhan Puren Hospital and the Renkang hospital, adopts the stock-cooperation system reform.2 Changes of the hospitals after system reformations2.1 Change of natureBefore the reform,all of 5 hospitals were state-owned enterprise hospitals, separately belonged to the enterprises of railroad, coal mine, metallurgy, transportation and so on. After the reform, 1 of them became the non-beneficial public hospital, 3 of them became the non-beneficial privately operated hospital,and 1 hospital became the beneficial privately operated hospital.2.2 Change of IncomeAfter the reforms,Income of 5 hospitals were all increased. After two years,the increasing rate of the gross income of system reformed hospitals were all above 30%, and this index of Hanyang hospital and cercis hospital were both above 110%.2.3 Change of personnel structuralThe personnel structures of 5 hospitals have all carried on the adjustment. The total number and the quantity of various levels personnel of Hanyang hospital and cercis hospital assumed obvious growing tendency; The personnel quantity of Condar hospital first reduced,then slowly increased; The personnel structure of the other two hospitals were stable.2.4 Change of service quantityThrough the analysis of several index of service quantity,it showed out that besides Condar hospital, the yearly increase rate of various index of other hospitals were all above 10%.2.5 Change of medical service qualityThe rate of effective treat of Cercis hospital and Renkang hospital assume the unceasing trend of escalation, while this index of Condar hospital, Hanyang hospital and Puren hospital stabilized basically at about 96%; The average in-patient time of 5 hospitals assumed drops the tendency with steady steps, the overall sector from about 10 to 17 days to 10 to 14 days;Average medical expense of 5 hospitals per person was controlled well, the yearly increasing rate was in 10%, and the medical expense of Renkang hospital is lower than the other local hospitals; Besides Hanyang hospital (beds extension), the bed utilization ratio of other four hospitals assumed growing steadily.Conclusion1 System reform models of the state-owned enterprise hospitals vary and advantages respectivelyChoosing the organized transferring way, the enterprise hospitals will enjoy the same treatment like other public hospitals, have a better developing chance and better manifest the public welfare, simultaneously the satisfaction of hospital staff is better, but it also has some problems, such as the government pressure fill out and so on.Choosing the joint-stock way, the enterprise hospitals will get lots of fund and its developing ability rapidly strengthened, which displays clearly in the property right, the management powerful, the mechanism innovation and so on, but it also has some problems such as repugnance of the original hospital staff, the hospital public welfare weakens and so on.According to the changes and problems of system reformed hospitals, Stock cooperation system reform is just approximately similar to the joint-stock system reform, but because it has realized worker’s work and the capital double union, the satisfaction and enthusiasm of the hospital staffs all better.2 The result of system reformation is due to many factorsThe result of system reformation of state-owned enterprise hospitals is due to many factors. These factors can be as follows: the model of system reformation, supporting of related policies, potential of the hospital development, and the improving policies of interior mechanism after reformation and so on.3 the ideal target and Principle of mechanism reformationThe ideal target of the reformation: In the first place, after the reformation, the hospital possesses the proper mechanism and inner management mechanism. In the second place, the Social public welfare would show up. The principle of the reformation should include Coordination of interest principle, the principle of supporting policies, optimize the allocation of resources and the principle of fairness and the principle of feasible.4 Choosing strategy of system reform models of state-owned enterprise hospitals No matter the Organized the transfer or the joint-stock transformation, a successful reformation must depend on its own condition and surroundings. Currently, the way of the reformation is still investigated. For this reason, in the reformation, the inner and outer factors as well as the profit related groups should all be considered before the way being figured out.

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