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The Topmost Degree of the Human Nature

Author LiYang
Tutor RenWanMing
School Northwest Normal University
Course Ethics
Keywords A.H.Malsow instincteid demand grade theory self-actualization peak experience
CLC B84-06
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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Ethics of self-realization the idea of self-development to illustrate moral values,from the person’s natural potential to become good understanding of the development of self-realization.American 20th century father of psychology is Maslow’s self-realization,one representative of Ethics."Maslow was a very human sense of pride and perfection of human nature of ethics and psychologists." He has provided us with a while not perfect,but filled with the spirit of optimism ideal human ethics.Based on the context of personal life,social and historical background and ideological and cultural background,Maslow instinct may construct a theory of hierarchy of needs theory,self-actualization theory,the peak experience of the main contents of the ethical ideology of self-realization.In this system,like the premise of instinct theory,are necessary level of basic theory,self-actualization theory is at the core of the ideology,peak experience of this are the development of ethical ideology.According to self-realization,it is rooted in the genes of people "like instinct," the needs of the system,that is,the five levels (physiological,security,belonging, self-esteem,self-fulfillment) needs,from low level to be advanced which in order to meet the inherent requirement.Power of self-realization of human nature are born from the need to meet "like instinct", the original impulse,which required the highest level are self-actualization, and self-realization of personality are common human values and ethical standards.As required to meet the level of the progressive or upgrade,it is the conscious pursuit of moral will be more urgent,and people’s moral standards will be greatly improved people’s personality,which can be freely played and achieve a better happy people greatly enhance.Achieve self-realization through the peak experience and the intrinsic reward,people can experience the peak performance of people into the realm of the noble.Peak experience total self-realization are the feelings of those who put self-actualization as the peak experience of life,which are the most valuable and most important things.On the meaning of life,the pursuit of the ultimate value of life is the pursuit of self-realization.In this pursuit,the people at the peak time,grow up and enrich those experience.Maslow is a well-known academics of the study of self-realization in the West.The concept of self-realization is complex and rich in connotation.He carried out research on the self-fulfilling the original intention of those who are very specific,that is,to identify human beings,to make outstanding contributions to society of people of common personality characteristics,to identify some of the positive human potential value of the Chinese Communist goal.Maslow on the personality characteristics of self-realization of the descriptive study are shown a pair of "full humanity" picture.Maslow believes that people are self-realization of universal human pursuit and should follow the example of a model,representing the direction of human effort,the performance reflects the people of the state,people can attain the 8 this realm. Self-realization through the long-term follow-up study,he found his creativity is the common characteristics of the study.Maslow’s self-realization ethics have gone thought of philosophy and psychology about all the gloomy view of human nature before,human nature has revealed to us of the bright,encouraging the spirit of its optimism.Maslow’s self-realization of the research in fact the expression of the people "should be" how to view life, in his view, people are likely to have a constructive implementation of the livelihood of the picture.Maslow put the potential of human nature as a seed,a reasonable social and health culture is like the sun and water, and its main function is to promote the inherent potential of the innate universal self-realization.He believed that by creating a good environment, will enable the people towards good and moral development.Maslow is opposed to a passive existence,thinking people more active on the internal law of the survival of good.He was opposed to him the moral law,that person’s moral consciousness.To makes a theoretical analysis of Maslow’s self-actualization and the ethics of this idea,for the establishment of science and leading people to achieve self-concept,and the right to consider implementation of its development are a very meaningful question.Maslow’s theoretical contributions are multi-faceted,and the system proposed by him to explain his motivation theory,"required level of" value for the conduct of research ethics provides a reference to the icon; Maslow entrusted the self-realization an lofty ideals,wiping out pessimism breath of life.However,he did not make the center of "person" or "human nature" a specific provisions,which fall into the hands of the abstract theory of human nature and the patterns of the humanitarian.We should be based on our historical materialism and Marxist theory,and learn to give adequate attention to self-realization of such high-level people and the general pursuit of the psychological needs,leading people to overcome the individualism,self-concept of self-realization,the promotion of social dedication and self-realization the unity of society to create the value of both personal happiness and life.

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