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Study of Zheng Music He Huan Ling in Ancient Score Xian Suo Bei Kao in Qing Dynasty

Author LiXiaoZuo
Tutor LinLing;TanLongJian
School China Conservatory of Music
Course Musicology
Keywords Xian Suo Bei Kao Xian Suo Shi San Tao Zheng He Huan Ling Tone setting
CLC J632.32
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Xian Suo Bei Kao, the ancient music scores which had been compiled by Rong Zhai in 1814 in Qing Dynasty, is a great work of literature and artistic value. Among those music pieces recorded in Xian Suo Bei Kao, He Huan Ling is the one with a unique artistic style of music and written in Gong Che Pu. But so far, there is no music scores of He Huan Ling has been spread and circulated in the world, and no evidence of living heritage as well. As a study of He Huan Ling, firstly, this paper begins with Xian Suo Bei Kao and related written records, starts research in exploring He Huan Ling’s historical status, spread profiles, shapes of musical instruments and tone setting. Secondly, through an in-depth analysis of the music ontology of He Huan Ling to figure out its playing techniques and style characteristics. Then conduct an inter-related analysis with the "Xian Suo Shi San Tao" San Xian version and Si Hu recorded version of He Huan Ling. Finally, recognize its artistic value and accordingly the following conclusions:1, He Huan Ling is a happy and peaceful music widely spread in Qianlong and Jiaqing Period of Qing Dynasty. It can be performed by not only solo but also ensemble.2, He Huan Ling in Xian Suo Bei Kao is different from other pieces in Vol.5 Zheng Pu of Xian Suo Bei Kao. It’s probably not playing spectrum but just as "backbone of the sound spectrum" for record some important techniques.3, The tone and tune of He Huan Ling in Xian Suo Bei Kao is quite different from the transmitted spectrum nowadays in two hundred years later, it’s probably because in the process of its heritage, as musical instruments, music, tonal pitch, concepts and other relevant factors evolved, gradually causing the changes of tone and tune.The records in Vol.5 Zheng Pu in Xian Suo Bei Kao are completely spectrums of Zheng with written records and which definitely can be traced back to the source. The researches and practices of Zheng Pu in Xian Suo Bei Kao, not only showed He Huan Ling’s performance value and appreciation value, but also enriched the accumulation of traditional Zheng music. Excavating and arranging of this, will no doubt bridge the gaps in the literature about Zheng.

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