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The Metafictional Impulse in the Golden Notebook

Author ZhangZhen
Tutor LiQuanFu
School Northwest Normal University
Course English Language and Literature
Keywords The Golden Notebook Elements of metafiction Reflexivity Parody Uncertainty
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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Doris Lessing is a contemporary British literary achievements, the great masters of fiction masterpiece after another. In 2007, 88-year-old Lessing won the Nobel Prize for Literature; should be said that, before that, as early as in the 1960s, Lessing had is known around the world, Bing Yao world of literary people, then the she has firmly established itself in the field of English literature. In which all the literary works of Lessing \Since 1962, since the publication of the novel, the literary researchers, academics from different sides, different angles, different levels of the novel a multidimensional exploration and research. Explore its theme, was launched a psychological interpretation, some of its facilities with philosophical analyzes also its political interpretation, all these, and so on. In addition, for a long time, the membership of the novel, the question of attribution, the research community of English and American Literature has always been a dispute endless debate endlessly, say this novel is realism works, say modernism Masterpiece, or will, saying the text is a post-modern novel. This study is not only to meet in the its categorically archive, hastily labeling. In all fairness, through a close reading of the novel, found by analyzing the logical relationship between the unique structure of the novel, as well as the various parts of Lessing beaten track, another way, using metafiction performance practices, and to be innovative in order to her complex topic. In view of this, the paper aims to study the Doris. Lessing's \There are some scholars mention of metafiction factors, but in-depth study of its system at home and abroad has not yet attracted the attention it deserves. In the relatively careful analysis of the text on the basis of the papers strive to make a detailed analysis of \This paper consists of four major components. The first part is a brief introduction of Lessing their masterpiece \The second part explains the definitions and theoretical basis of meta-fiction, and outlines the main features of metafiction reflexivity, parody and uncertainties. The third part is the main part of the paper, a detailed and systematic analysis of the elements of \This part is divided into three smaller parts, discusses reflexivity, parody and uncertainties. Anna is both the author of the novel, while the characters in the novel, she reveal their creative protagonist love to pull the fictional by Reflection language construct text world and external reality show contradictions through the creative process novel reflexive reveals the relationship between reality and fiction. Parody of the realist novel program, the works of Joyce's \The uncertainty of the characters and the plot in the novel showed the relationship between the reader and the text. The analysis of these elements come to the fourth that conclusion part: \boundaries. In addition, these meta-fiction elements also broke the traditional reading expectations of readers concerned about the novel turned more attention to the creative process of the novel.

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