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Huhhot Vocational School Student Physical Training Present Situation and Research Countermeasure

Author LiHui
Tutor LiFengXin
School Inner Mongolia Normal
Course Subject Teaching
Keywords Hohhot Secondary vocational schools Student Physical Exercise Situation Analysis
CLC G807.4
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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With the National Fitness Program in the implementation of the types of schools at all levels, physical exercise has become an important guarantee for school physical education and students learning an important part of life, but also the students physical ability to complete the sports task lifelong sports habits . Physical exercise involving a wide range of difficult work, certain relations need to coordinate, rationalize, otherwise it will seriously affect and interfere with the physical exercise, the students carried out. Lagging behind due to the reform of college physical education and employment pressure, however, secondary vocational schools, physical education is not for attention. Currently, by the impact of the college continued enrollment, graduates sharp increase in the form of specialized secondary school students forced by the pressure of employment, most of the time to focus on the professional and technical skills of the discipline of learning, hoping it can go to work smoothly find living place, physical exercise therefore school seriously. To the Hohhot region 10 secondary vocational schools in students for the study, the use of literature research, questionnaire investigation and interview, mathematical statistics and logical analysis, vocational school students in sports exercise to analyze the situation, summarized, comprehensive description. Exercise organizational form of physical exercise a degree of attention, sports equipment and sports funding situation from the vocational school, vocational school sports and physical exercise guidance of teachers, students participate in physical exercises of physical exercise frequency and duration of physical exercise motivation physical exercise sport select orientation, organizational forms and methods of the students' physical exercise, affecting vocational school students to participate in physical exercise factor analysis of the Hohhot area vocational school students Sports Training of analysis. By analyzing the Hohhot area vocational school student physical exercise the following problems: secondary vocational school students sports exercise carried out were not heeded, and students of physical exercise too little timing; vast majority of vocational schools in the space, equipment, facilities meet the state; vocational schools has been in use of traditional forms of organization of physical exercise; Some schools due to the lack of physical education teachers with a teacher or full-time teachers to guide students 'physical exercise; students' existing low frequency of exercise a week is only 1-2 times, even some of the students never physical exercise. Exercise load is low, would not achieve the best training effect; physical exercise choice, boys will choose a large amount of exercise, competitive, physical contact, confrontational movement; girls mainly choose the amount of exercise small, the competition is not fierce, confrontational weak, less physical contact and meet their physiological and psychological characteristics of sport; most of the vocational school students participate in physical exercise due to the value of sports entertainment and fitness, sports fitness function has been part of the student's identity and physical exercise to regulate mood function also is growing recognition; vocational school sports community development is not mature enough, did not play its proper function. The main factors affect the the Hohhot secondary vocational school students to participate in physical exercise: the technology of any sport are handled badly, lack of time, lack of space equipment, school leadership and organizational no PE teacher guidance and help. I Hohhot area secondary vocational school students physical exercise status quo investigation and analysis. The same time, learn the theory and experience of foreign students in physical exercise, combined with the status quo of the Hohhot area vocational school students in physical exercise, made the following recommendations: to vigorously promote the sporting culture and to promote the spirit of sport, and create a strong atmosphere of physical exercise, to guide students to actively participate in physical exercise classroom teaching; reform of PE teaching contents and methods of penetration in the exercise sports knowledge and training methods; recommendations to improve sports facilities in schools, open stadiums, lend equipment to improve the activity environment; implementation of measures to effectively correct students adverse physical exercise habits; take full advantage of strengthen students 'physical exercise habits; take full advantage of the large recess activities, to develop students' exercise habits; carry out a variety of sports activities and sporting competitions, guide students to actively participate in physical exercise. Thus provide a new path for the deepening of innovation and reform of secondary vocational schools, physical exercise.

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