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A Pragmatic Analysis of Verbal Humor in How I Met Your Mother

Author YaoLingYun
Tutor ZhouShuJun
School Jiangsu University of Science and Technology
Course Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
Keywords Verbal Humor Pragmatic Analysis Pragmatic Principles Cognitive Context
CLC H313
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Humor as a multidisciplinary subject, has been the concern of scholars in many fields of philosophy, psychology, literature, sociology, linguistics, anthropology. 1980s, with the development of the school with the language, the number of linguists from the pragmatic point of view of science re-interpretation of the phenomenon of verbal humor. As one of the successful carrier of verbal humor, sitcom With the globalization of information, especially network applications have been widely disseminated. The paper selected current hit sitcom \Traditional humor research theory on the basis of the incongruity theory, relaxation theory, superiority Pragmatic learn the principles of cooperation, politeness principle, the principle of relevance, humor generation and understanding, \Pragmatic Features the verbal humor romance \analysis, in order to reveal the deep structure of English Verbal Humor and internal working mechanism. This study suggests that, the sitcom script writer through flexible language with strategy, such as deliberate role in communication intentionally or unintentionally violate the principles of cooperation, violation or to comply with the politeness principle, manufacturing and largest association best associated differences lead speaker the subjective intent of the hearer / inconsistencies between the objective understanding of the audience, to exert influence on the communicative effects, create the comedy dialogue jokes, inspire the audience laugh point; depends first and foremost on people's understanding of verbal humor of the literal meaning of the words / text Understanding Second, we need to understand the context, by means of abstract thinking, and infer specific meaning in the specific context of discourse. This study is not only to strengthen the reasoning and appreciation of the Chinese audience sitcom verbal humor, in order to better understand and enjoy and use humor to promote verbal communication, also can help English learners to further understand the language inherent laws, so as to improve their English language The ability to use. This article, a total of six parts, the first chapter is an introduction, Chapter II Chapter topic section, Chapter conclusion. The second chapter is the literature review section, an overview of the definition of verbal humor, Classification and language analysis based on the theory of pragmatics, such as the principles of cooperation, politeness principle and the associated theory, etc., as well as a brief review of the theory of humor, with a focus recent years humor Pragmatic research. Chapter core part of our research, on the basis of the traditional theory of humor research, combined with modern language to learn the principles of cooperation, politeness principle, the principle of relevance, respectively, from the two aspects of the production and understanding of humor, \mom romance verbal humor.

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