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Pragmatic Analysis of \

Author LiYing
Tutor ZhangHongYan
School Jiangsu University of Science and Technology
Course Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
Keywords The Merchant of Venice Speech Act Theory Principles of cooperation Politeness Principle Relevance Theory Levinson three principles
CLC I561
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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As a special literary genre, the drama is dialogue and plot. The voices in the theater not only be able to explore the psychological activities, reflecting the motivations of the characters and move the plot development plays an important role. So the drama in the dialogue is not only the object of attention of literary scholars, also attracted the attention of linguists. This paper attempts to angle from the pragmatics rich detailed analysis of the expression \Shakespeare's \Drama shape greed Shylock kindness Antonio, wisdom Portia classic characters. It is these figures languages ??act as portrayed in the dramatic structure of character, reveals the implicit theme of tools. Pragmatic Approach analysis article very few literary masterpiece of character dialogue, although many scholars to traditional literary research. This article application language theory of dialogue. Austin and Purcell's speech, behavior analysis of why the characters do not directly express their true thoughts, what implication; Grice meaning theory to analyze why the characters would be contrary to the principles of cooperation, conversational implicature how; Leach politeness principle to analyze the different personality and identity figure how indirect implementation of their verbal behavior, how to take conducive to their own strategy; Sibai Tabor and Wilson's Relevance Theory to analyze how characters through efforts to communicate successfully in a certain context; figures Levinson's three principles to analyze the meaning of the general session. Through the use of the language of the characters discourse analysis, the reader can better understand the theme of the play, historical background, and also contribute to a deep understanding of the dual character of Shylock both disgusting and highly sympathetic. To sum up, learn from the pragmatic point of view, to appreciate, analyze the dialogue of the characters in the literary works not only help us to interpret more complete and profound understanding of Shakespeare, this dramatic masterpiece, but also proved pragmatics theory applied to literary works People the dialogue text parsing feasibility, deeper to reveal the language of the literary works of art, but also provides a new perspective for the study of other literary texts.

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