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Effects of English Film Appreciation on Improving the Intercultural Communication Competence of the English Learners in China

Author XueJiao
Tutor GeJiHong
School Jiangsu University of Science and Technology
Course Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
Keywords intercultural communication competence language teaching culture teaching film film appreciation lesson
CLC H319
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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With the global economic integration and the increasing exchanges between the outside world and China, effective communication becomes an important topic in intercultural communication. Foreign language education is not merely the teaching of language, and it should cultivate students’intercultural communication competence in different cultural backgrounds, which becomes the new objective of current foreign language education. Intercultural communication competence includes not only language skills, but also cultural competence, which is the appreciation and understanding of foreign cultures. Therefore, in foreign language education, in order to cultivate students’intercultural communication competence, language teaching and culture teaching should be combined together. Language teaching has always been the focus of foreign language education, but culture teaching hasn’t drawn enough attention. So this thesis will research on the methods of cultivating students’intercultural communication competence and discuss how film appreciation lesson improves students’intercultural communication competence through combining language teaching and culture teaching together.Film is the microcosm of a nation’s cultural life, so it is an important way to learn a nation’s cultural background. The knowledge of a nation’s culture is quite extensive, and film shows various aspects of culture vividly to the audience through dynamic pictures, which give the audience immersive feel. The direct visual effects of a film allow the audience to produce subjective imagination, and enable them to melt in the social life of the language learned indirectly. Therefore, film appreciation lesson is an important way for culture teaching and at the same time shows the authentic English, which makes it superior in cultivating students’intercultural communication competence. This thesis aims to analyze how film appreciation lesson cultivates students’intercultural communication competence theoretically.This thesis is composed of five chapters. The first chapter is introduction. As globalization progresses, English is widely spread, which makes it become a universal language. Therefore, cultivating English intellects with intercultural communication competence has become the objective of contemporary foreign language education. However, for a long time, foreign language education in our country has only put an emphasis on language teaching while ignoring culture teaching. So the author suggests adopting the film appreciation lesson which combines language teaching and culture teaching together to improve English learners’intercultural communication competence. The second chapter introduces the theoretical foundation of combining language teaching and culture teaching together to improve learners’intercultural communication competence. This part illustrates from seven aspects. That is, language, culture, the interrelation between language and culture, the interrelation between language teaching and culture teaching, communication, intercultural communication and intercultural communication competence. In the part of intercultural communication competence, the author focuses on the methods of cultivating students’intercultural communication competence, which lays the foundation for the third chapter to use film as a teaching tool to improve students’intercultural communication competence. In the third chapter, the author first discusses problems existing in China’s foreign language education and cultural obstacles that learners will encounter in the learning process. Then the author introduces the characteristics of film, and advantages and possible problems of film appreciation lesson. In the forth chapter, the author talks about the preparation of film appreciation lesson, which includes the clarification of teaching purpose, the analysis of teaching objects and the selection of films. Later, the author describes the teaching methods of film appreciation lesson. Finally, the author presents a complete teaching plan. Based on the above chapters, in the last chapter, the author concludes that film appreciation lesson can effectively improve students’intercultural communication competence.In summary, film appreciation lesson accords with the rules of language learning, and it is a good way for language learning. However, the advantages need further elaboration; the orientation needs to be more accurate and the settings need to be further improved. In the further teaching practice, the author will further explore the teaching methods of film appreciation lesson with continuous reform and innovation, so as to give full play to advantages of it and more effectively enhance learners’ intercultural communication competence.

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