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Author ZhuZuoZuo
Tutor AnXinKui
School Xi'an International Studies University
Course Russian Language and Literature
Keywords Hibiscus Town Language Culture Science Literary Translation
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Language and culture in the early 20th century science has been rapid development as a new humanistic disciplines, it studies the core is the relationship between language and culture, interaction, including the contents of the myths, customs, customs, rituals, and cultural symbols. The object is to study the main material. From the perspective of language and culture learning, translation and translation studies. From that point, the translation could be interpreted as the summary of the chemical edge of the linguistic and cultural knowledge, with the translation of the dialogue between language and culture. Translation and linguistics not only close contact with the culture, the culture of the edge of the communicative act. The translation process has two perspectives - language and culture, the two are closely related. Language and culture are interrelated: the language not only reflects the cultural status quo, but also to convey the shape of the culture. The linguistic meaning of the vocabulary is only combined with the cultural background can be better expressed. For translators, just to master the two languages ??is not enough, also need to know two cultures. The translator needs special attention to the cultural flavor of the words in the translation to convey the problem. The translator as the angel of the two-way cultural content to the original language and translations cultural communication features combined. The meaning of language systems and cultural context of mother-tongue carriers interact, because the language reflects a nation's world view and understanding of the world, they are embedded in the context of national cultural traditions. National cultural traditions, the language of thinking point of view, it is reflected in the semantics of the language's vocabulary and grammar range, from the point of view of cross-cultural communication, the original ethnic and cultural characteristics to convey in the translation is of great significance. The novel \As an acute social realism and depict work on the rural sentiments of the people of southern China, which with a strong ethnic and cultural characteristics. Reflect the colorful life of the rural areas, and to give the work a strong Southern local flavor of life. \ideology, etc.). The novel use of lyrical prose style of art practices to the reader to show the lives of the rural countryside, a large number of the works depict the social life, customs, traditions and customs, as well as people's values, characteristics of political life, economic and social systems to reflect the national culture characteristics and regional culture and customs of things, to show the kind of rural life, including many Chinese characteristics, cultural phenomena and the Shonan geographical and cultural characteristics. The work brings together a lot of vocabulary with Chinese characteristics and cultural features, including things in the name of the concept of phenomena. With Simon Love Russian translation, Russian readers understand the \Text vocabulary, idioms, many additional significance of cultural background, and a large vocabulary depicting the cultural practices, the translator will have to deal with improper translation, it is necessary to the translation of the \The characteristics of study to master the method of translation to convey the cultural characteristics of these languages. Through comparative analysis and in-depth research to promote the quality of the translation of literature, research results can also be used to supplement the material of the practice of translation, the text in the example can be used as translation theory, language and culture course materials use.

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