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Catをい るthe a metaphorical performanceのturned訳につい ての

Author WangShaoZi
Tutor Zuo
School Xi'an International Studies University
Course Japanese Language and Literature
Keywords Cat Figuration Relevance Theory Translation
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Language translation, rhetorical method of translation is very important. Japanese metaphor expression is frequently used as a rhetorical device. Research still the rich expressive metaphor expressed in the works of Japanese literature is widely used, expression from linguistics and comparative language and culture theory of metaphor Translation has been research, but from the pragmatic theory angle less. The analogy of the papers will cat expression translation. Animals as a metaphor to express Japanese Vehicles. In this one, the cat is often one of the animals. Cat as Metaphor, has become a unique feature of the Japanese. Figuration can describe things very vivid, charged with the task of translation into a translation of the original vivid translator. Relevance Theory in recent years, has a huge impact on cognitive pragmatics, its impact has been far beyond the field of pragmatics. Relevance Theory-based development language translation theory model has attracted the attention of the Western translation industry. Relevance Theory to Translation guiding role. It emphasizes the communicative process of translation as a cognitive reasoning, translators from the translation of the meaning of the original text should choose the best correlation asked. By the research the associated theoretical point of view the Sino-Japanese language translation problems. In this thesis by relevance theory of metaphor to express the translation method to analyze the expression come to use the metaphor of the cat Translation of reproduction, conversion, reconstruction of the three methods. The papers cited Japan's well-known literary works using the cat metaphor to express its translations, the method of analysis of how to translate it from the perspective of relevance theory. Discussed the following four parts. The first part of the sequence theory. The introduction of this thesis research purposes, research background and the paper. Second part first. Introducing the subject to the current study. The third part of this theory, research methods introduced in this paper as well as the research object set. 2 cats in Japan's cultural image. Why is the cat's idioms, metaphors the phenomenon, idioms Sayings, more than any other animal. 3, a brief introduction to the metaphor expression the translation status quo, summarize the achievements on the innovations of this paper. 4, Relevance Theory, summarizing the research results of the associated theory. 5, look at the cat under the Perspective of Relevance Theory metaphor to express the translation. Part IV, Conclusion. Concludes the paper summarized concluded, and elaborated on the outlook for the follow-up study.

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