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An Experimental Study on the Relevance Theory and Its Application to the Teaching of English Reading Comprehension for Junior Middle School Students

Author MengJie
Tutor ZhouXue
School Northwest Normal University
Course Curriculum and Pedagogy
Keywords Relevance Theory English reading comprehension Cognitive environment Junior high school students
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Since Si Bobo and Wilson in 1986, its relevance: Communication and Cognition, \Based on association theory, combined with the results of previous studies, the authors believe that reading is the process of exchange and writer; reading readers to seek the best associated process; reading readers EXPRESS - reasoning based on the reasoning process. In the reading process, readers from the explicit meaning based on their cognitive environment attempt to speculate implicit meaning. Different cognitive environments lead to different contextual assumptions. Si Bobo and Wilson believe that our physical environment may be the same, our cognitive environment, however, it will vary from person to person. Readers are likely to read every word phrase the previous contents of the penetration of new information, the reader's understanding will change accordingly. The cognitive environment it is through this way to influence reading comprehension. In order to test the associated theory of junior high school English reading teaching has certain positive significance, the authors propose the following three research questions: First, relevance theory reading teaching model can improve the junior high school reading level; Second, the experimental class experiment different English reading level (high, medium, low) the student's reading level the whether has improved; experimental class experiment, students of different English reading level cognitive environment (language knowledge, background knowledge, suggesting strategies The) attitude whether changes?, of Aston School (Lanzhou City, Gansu Province, an English training school) taught two classes teaching experiment. The two classes of students are 13-15 year-old junior high school students. Researchers as teachers of the two classes, using two different teaching reading mode. The Control class traditional reading teaching mode, and experimental class using the new association, under the guidance of the theory of teaching reading mode. Throughout the experiment part of the period of four months, divided into: teaching experiments before, during and after the three stages. Teaching before the experiment, the experimental classes and control classes all students to participate in English reading pre-test. After statistical data analysis, the researchers found no significant difference two classes in reading comprehension level. At the same time, researchers in the experimental class a survey of all students involved in the pre-test of the questionnaire. After 16 weeks of teaching experiment, the experimental class and control class students took part in a the posttest reading English. After statistical comparison with previous test, the researchers found that the reading level of the two classes there are significant differences. Although the reading level of the two classes of students have improved, but the experiment, the students have more significant improvement relative to the control class students. This means that the associated theory of reading teaching model to improve the junior high school level of reading comprehension, and this study prove that this new mode of teaching is more effective than the traditional model. After reading pre-test and post-test comparison proved the effectiveness of this new mode of teaching, but needed further evidence of the improvement of students' reading level and relevance of this new mode of teaching. Therefore, the researchers measured after experimental class reading test and post-test questionnaires related analysis. The experimental results show that the reading level of the students to improve significantly associated with this new mode of teaching. Therefore, after the above argument, the research question has been resolved. In order to demonstrate the second research question, the researchers classified according to the pre-test scores of its students' reading test experimental class divided into high, medium and low three different reading levels. Paired comparison of these three groups, the researchers found that low reading level students made more significant improvement than the high reading level of students. Due to the high level of the students after the teaching experiment did not significantly improve, researchers will focus on the other two on the reading level of students. Improve the the middle reading level students and language knowledge and background knowledge significantly related, while a low reading level students improve significantly related to and knowledge of the language and speculated strategy. Comparison of pretest and posttest questionnaire, we can find the answer to the question in the third study. The results show that the experimental class students after teaching intervention more positive attitude held by the three main aspects of the cognitive environment. High reading level of students' background knowledge and speculated strategy to hold a more positive attitude. Moderate reading level students hold a more positive attitude language knowledge and speculated strategy. Low reading level students, they hold a more positive attitude towards these three aspects. The experimental results show that the associated theory had some success in teaching reading mode, which means that the associated theory of junior high school English reading teaching positive revelation. Although the new teaching model has been shown to have some effect, but we should also be aware of and take into account some of the limitations of this model. This section will be discussed in the last part of the article.

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