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Encouraging System Design of Knowledge-type Employees in the Limited Company of the LZ Parking

Author ZhouHaiYan
Tutor SunWeiMin
School Shandong University
Course Business Administration
Keywords knowledge-type employee encouraging system achievement corporate culture
CLC F272.92
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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The management problem of human resource , researched by numerous experts and scholars for some years, however, varies correspondingly with the times. Particularly nowadays, along with the arrival of knowledge-based economy, many new problems occurred to it ,thus putting forward to new request for human resource management. But more problems exist in the management of human resource in the private enterprise—the traditional management of control and inhibition can’t keep up with the rhythm of the times and seems incapable especially in front of knowledge-type employees .Therefore ,how to attract and keep them ,and in what kind of encouraging mode become the first problem to be settled for the private enterprise .Under this background , I carried on an investigation about 28 knowledge-type employees in the Limited Company of the LZ Parking.The Limited Company of the LZ Parking is a hi-tech agricultural enterprise ,whose management waits to be enhanced eagerly and whose encouraging system for knowledge-type employee needs to be improved .On this basis and under the direction of all kinds of encouraging theories ,the essay tries to design a set of encouraging system for the knowledge-type employees which can fit the reality of company , according to the company’s present encouraging situation and the need characteristics of knowledge-type employees .Starting with the theoretical perspective , the essay tells the background and meaning of the research as well as researching contents and methods . what’s more , it introduces some encouraging theory relevant to the knowledge-type employees . All these becomes the basis of research design .Secondly , according to the reality of company and relevant theory ,the questionnaire on encouraging system and knowledge-type employees’ requirements is designed and put into investigation . Through the analysis of the questionnaire ,some problems are pointed out about the company’s present encouraging situation .Finally ,the essay gives its design about encouraging system of knowledge-type employees in the Limited Company of the LZ Parking on the basis of theoretical analysis and questionnaire.There are mainly three aspects included in the encouraging system : salary encouraging system based on achievement ,encouragement of corporate culture , and encouragement on individual growth and development . Among them , the essay put more emphasis on the first one .Since the company lacks complete achievement-examining system ,the process of achievement examination is first introduced in this salary encouraging system and then salary encouraging system related to the achievement examination .In the following part ,the essay introduced the second aspect from the angle of spirit and system and briefly mentions the third one.At the end , the essay comes to a relevant collusion through the research of the encouraging system in the Limited Company of the LZ Parking and promotes some suggestions while designing better encouraging system .In short, the essay ,making comprehensive use of many encouraging theories of personnel management ,analyses the present situation and existing problems of personnel management in the Limited Company of the LZ Parking from different layers and angles , promotes the designing plan of encouraging system , esp. the stock-right encouraging system based on sharing the surplus stock-right with intelligence ,settles the problem of this kind of enterprises lacking of encouraging measures to the knowledge-type employees , and enlarges the applying scope of ownership encouraging system .At the same time , the essay is based on real cases thus strengthening its actual application . Therefore , it is quite meaningful not only for the Limited Company of the LZ Parking but also for the personnel management in other private-run enterprise of the similar kind .

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