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Research on the Lexicization of "Ran+X" Class

Author LiHongYun
Tutor TangHouGuang
School Liaoning University
Course Chinese Philology
Keywords “Ran+X”class words “However” “Then” Lexicalization
CLC H146
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Lexicalization is one of the concerns researched by scholars in recent years.“Ran+X”is a very large class of words in the system. Its evolution has been the concern of many scholars, most of them are focused on the "Ran + X" type the words for the conjunction of the study of grammatical function. Now almost no scholars investigated "Ran + X" class vocabulary words for the duration of the analysis of the problem. This paper attempts to use the related vocabulary of the theory. Syntactic structure and the syntax and semantics from the two aspects of "Ran+ X" class vocabulary words for a duration of the inspection process. Mainly through a variety of books of Peking University corpus of ancient literature and information. On "Ran + X" category of the example of the vocabulary words. By combining synchronic and diachronic approach analyzed and investigated Chinese vocabulary and its terms of cross-layer structure of the evolution of law. In this paper, made "However" and "Then" as example, explored the "Ran + X" category of the general process of vocabulary words and motivation. The text is divided into five parts:The first part is the preface, mainly introduced the essential of the vocabulary, significance of the topic, research on lexicalization and research on“Ran”, outlines the research methods used in this article. Objectives to be achieved and the choice of language materials. The first chapter examined demonstrative pronouns "Ran" course of the evolution, analyzed the semantic features and the syntax of the demonstrative pronouns“Ran”, and according to different syntactic positions in the sentence researched the different function of demonstrative pronouns "Ran". The second chapter made the lexicalization of“However”and“Then”as example, researched the process of“Ran+X”course, revealed the structure and syntax of such terms in terms of syntax and semantics of the impact. And reached the following conclusion: "Ran + X" class of words where the words of the main subject to its syntax and semantics of the sentence. After the two clauses in the current syntactic semantics when the link is not so close, demonstrative pronouns "Ran" is prone to blur, the condensate with the composition the back of the synthesis of two-syllable compound conjunctions. The third chapter researched the motivations and conditions of lexicalization. Mainly from language communication, motivation of language used, psychological factor and language internal factors. The fifth part is conclusion, researched Chinese vocabulary from the trend of two-tone "Ran + X" category of the inevitability of vocabulary words.

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