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On Late Jilin Machinery Bureau and its northeastern border in strengthening the role of

Author PengChuanJie
Tutor ZhangFengMing
School Heilongjiang Provincial Academy of Social Sciences
Course Specialized History
Keywords Late Jilin Machinery Bureau Northeast Frontier Defense Corps Northeast
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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Jilin Northeast Machinery Bureau is the first modern munitions factory. Late 1870s early 1980s, with the powers to carve up China set off a frenzy of aggression, Shae Jia tight pace of aggression against China border areas. Due to the failure of negotiations between China and Russia Ili, Jilin eastern frontier sudden crisis intensified. Qing rulers fully aware of the importance of strengthening the northeastern border and urgency Extraordinary Wu Cheng went to Jilin deputy defense, and later promoted him as Sansing, Guta, defense, etc. Hunchun supervision. Wu Cheng for lax border, frontier empty circumstances, the specific implementation of immigration solid side, the formation of a number of measures such as border guards. Create Jilin WU Dacheng Machinery Bureau is as \Northeast region as the first introduction of Western modern advanced technology and equipment, military industry, both politically, economically, militarily, have important research value. Take it as an object in-depth study, both to expand its research scope, and compensate for their lack of research, but also can provide historical reference to reality. In this paper, the Marxist historical materialism and dialectical view of history as a guide, the main use of historical literature analysis, at the same time draws on the history of technology, and military history and other relevant research methods. Concerning Jilin Machinery Bureau to conduct a comprehensive historical data collection, collation, the spirit of scientific, rigorous attitude-depth analysis and reflection, rational construction paper frame. Accordance ask questions, analyze and solve problems of the basic ideas, the text is divided into four chapters. Mainly from the Jilin Machinery Bureau to establish the background and cause of several stages of development, in the northeastern border in preparation for its effect on anti-military influence in Northeast of several aspects to be studied and concluded as follows: (a) Jilin Machinery Bureau The military production not only reversed the Northeast region by the Tianjin Bureau of arms supply demand situation, and fully protect the Jilin and Heilongjiang provinces anti-military arms supplies to enrich the Northeast border to the military strength in the process of invasion against Russia played a an important role, to some extent curb the pace of Tsarist Russia invaded. (Two) Bureau of Jilin machine guns and ship production of modern Western technology into China's northeast, creating a precedent for modern industrial Northeast. Its military products and Western Europe, although there are still some gaps, but is close to the time the world's advanced level, the Northeast Anti-Army modernization of weaponry has laid an important material foundation to accelerate the process of modernization in Northeast of the military can not be ignored since effect.

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