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Reproduction of Beauty in Legal Translation: From the Perspective of Translation Aesthetics

Author ChangZuoHua
Tutor XiaoYunShu
School Southwest University of Political Science
Course Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
Keywords legal translation translation aesthetics aesthetic orientation aesthetic subjects aesthetic object
CLC H059
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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With the globalization and the frequent communication among countries and areas, ever-increasing legal translation has played a more and more important role in the society. Most of the traditional researches on legal translation are carried out from the perspective of translatology or linguistics, but the further deepening and broadening of legal translation research entail the study of the legal translation from various aspects and angles. And translation aesthetics provides a new perspective for the legal translation research.Translation aesthetics is the integration or combination of translation and aesthetics. To guide the legal translation with the basic theory of translation aesthetics can not only enhance the ability of translators appreciating the beauty in legal translation, but also help people to recognize the scientific nature and artistry of the legal translation with the viewpoint of aesthetics. So the author intends to explore the ways of beauty reproduction in legal translation from the two aspects of the aesthetic subject and aesthetic object and to discuss the aesthetic orientations of legal translation, demonstrating the charm of the beauty of legal translation.The whole thesis consists of five parts.Chapter One briefly introduces the background and gives an overview of the thesis.Chapter Two gives an introduction to the translation aesthetics and legal translation, forming the theoretical framework of this research. The main concepts and theory of translation aesthetics and the aesthetic origins of the translation both at home and abroad are introduced and the review of legal translation is made in this chapter.Chapter Three expounds in detail the aesthetic choices of legal translation, manifesting the relationships between legal translation and aesthetics. As the accuracy, standardization, strong logic and solemnity are the typical aesthetic features of legal text distinguishing from other texts, the aesthetic orientation rule of translation activities requires that the legal translation effectively guarantee the transmission of these aesthetic elements to the utmost extent.Chapter Four studies the basic qualities which the legal translator should have in the beauty reproduction of legal translation from the perspective of aesthetic subject. This thesis holds that only with the skillful master of bilingual competence, the thorough understanding of legal system and legal knowledge, the strong aesthetic awareness and ability and creativity can the legal translator fulfill the dual tasks of transmitting the legal and aesthetic information. Then, the legal texts are taken as the research object to analyse and summarize the various ways of the beauty reproduction in legal translation with many legal translation examples, from the aspects of punctuation, phonology, lexicon and syntax.Chapter Five comes to the conclusion of the whole thesis.

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