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Construction and Noised Persurbed Structures of Quasi-sine Fibonacci M-J Sets

Author GeFengDan
Tutor WangXingYuan
School Dalian University of Technology
Course Applied Computer Technology
Keywords Fractal Critical point Quasi- sine Fibonacci M set Additive noise Multiplicative noise
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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Nonlinear science is an emerging interdisciplinary study of nonlinear phenomena in common , and its main contents include solitons , chaos and fractal theory corresponding with the three concepts together constitute the non-linear theory of this discipline foundation. This paper constructs a dynamic system , it is generated after the introduction of the quasi- sine Fibonacci function , so we call quasi - sine Fibonacci hyperbolic dynamical systems , and thus expand the range of research , the following major elements: classic escape time algorithm to study quasi-sine Fibonacci function hyperbolic dynamical systems and generalized quasi- sine Fibonacci Fibonacci function hyperbolic dynamical systems dynamical behavior , construct a quasi-sinusoidal Fiji Fibonacci MJ sets , and study their properties . Calculated quasi-sine Fibonacci function integer fixed point , and meet certain precision fixed point on the complex plane , and demonstrate the dynamic characteristics of complex dynamical plane quasi - sine Fibonacci Fibonacci function - fractal characteristics , found that the Julia set is symmetrical about the x -axis , and the proof . Second, given the critical point of the generalized quasi-sine Fibonacci function to study the characteristics of the power system under different values ??of q , construct quasi-sine Fibonacci Fibonacci M set and prove its symmetrical about the x-axis sex . And found that the value of q is not continuous change , but the emergence of a jump . By additive noise , multiplicative noise and additive and multiplicative mixed noise quasi-sine Fibonacci J set evolution . Through mathematical proofs and computer graphics method of combining different interference makes quasi- sine Fibonacci J sets a different nature and extent of the deformation . Finally, the additive and multiplicative noise in all kinds of interference parameters under quasi-sine Fibonacci M set . Using complex variable function theory and computer graphics combined experimental mathematical methods , a detailed analysis of the different intensity and type of noise aligned the sine FIBONACCI M set gradually impact , and summed up the law , given the appropriate the nature and proved .

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