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Rearch on Wangjian’s Palace Poems

Author LiuChang
Tutor XiongMing
School Liaoning University
Course Ancient Chinese Literature
Keywords Wangjian Palace Word The intermediate stage of Tang Dynasty
CLC I207.22
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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The palace word uses seven certainly group poems the form, take the palace daily life as the object, to the king, the imperial concubine, palace ladies’rarely known life carries on the description, displays the palace imperial gardens the life, became our country in the ancient literature one kind of unique literary style. The palace word chooses a name in the Tang Dynasty, it has the development change with the Tang Dynasty society’s political background, the social system, the folk custom gentleman wind and so on to have close contacting. The Datang empire is a prosperous wealthy dynasty, therefore, describes the palace life palace word primarily, can breed in the Tang Dynasty and develop, specially to the late Tang time, has taken one kind of new poem body palace word popular broad really.Wang Jian is the Tang time renowned poet, is first by the lengthy group poem form creation poetry poet. He acquires fame by the palace word, makes "Palace Word" hundred, has“ancestor of the palace word”the name. This article altogether divides into five parts, "Palace Word" puts under the Tang society’s historical big background Wang Jian, carries on to it explains systematically comprehensively.The first chapter, brief introduces the biography and the thought of Wang Jian; The second chapter, carries on the limits to the palace word, combs the palace word literature style the origin and the development;The third chapter ,the background which the late Tang Gong word produces from the social history big background and in the cultural angle elaboration ,then seeks Wang Jian "Palace Word" Cheng Pian the reason;The fourth chapter, key elaborates Wang Jian "Palace Word". First "Palace Word" the edition has carried on the brief introduction to it, then embarks from the content carries on comprehensive tests the rope and the explanation. From the content, divides into his palace word three broad headings: Palace politics and decorum and customs, imperial grounds trivial matters and recreational activity, the palace maid sentiment and circumstances. Through to these aspect’s analysis and the explanation, we discovered that Wang Jian "Palace Word" broke through the palace resentful poem to record the palace maid to be plaintive, the palace imperial concubine fell into disfavor subject, but was in the real reflection palace daily life, vividly has made the imperial gardens life the panoram demonstration, had the extremely important cultural value and the historical data value;The fifth chapter, key elaborates Wang Jian "Palace Word" characteristic, to predecessor palace poem surmounting. From the theme, the form system and art three aspects elaborate Wang Jian "Palace Word" surmounting, to Wang Jian "Palace Word" the achievement carried on the system to summarize, has been clear about it "Palace Word" in the poetry history status.

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