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The Synthesis of Tributyl Citrate with Catalytic Esterification

Author JiangTao
Tutor DuYingChun
School Beijing Institute of Clothing Technology
Course Chemical Engineering
Keywords High Performance Liquid Chromatography Catalyzed resin Tributyl citrate Reaction kinetics Esterification reaction
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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The solid acid catalyst , the reaction of citric acid with n-butanol catalyzed esterification synthesis of tributyl citrate . The detection reaction process by high performance liquid chromatography , the obtained liquid chromatography analysis of the reaction system suitable conditions , namely: UV detection wavelength 230nm, binary mobile phase acetonitrile : water = 80:20 , flow rate 1.0ml/min . In this paper, the IR and TPD law of the cation exchange resin and homemade physical and chemical properties of activated carbon supported phosphotungstic acid catalysts characterized by result : resin acidic water conditions . Using a batch reactor, and tributyl citrate was synthesized using the above catalyst under conditions of continuous stirring . Experimental results show that the resin has the advantages of high catalytic activity, and no corrosion, and post-treatment process is simple . Resin as a catalyst in catalytic esterification of experimental conditions such as the amount of catalyst , the feed ratio, reaction time , reaction temperature, etc. have been studied and proposed more suitable esterification conditions , namely: the amount of catalyst 4g , the acid to alcohol ratio of 1 : 3.5 , reaction time 4h, the temperature does not exceed 140 ℃. Under this condition , detected by liquid chromatography , citric acid tributyl yield was 96.32% or more, and the catalyst can be used repeatedly . In addition , atmospheric pressure and a temperature range of 388.15K-398.15K acidic resin catalyzed esterification synthesis of tributyl citrate reaction of citric acid and n-butanol dynamics study . The research results show that the catalytic synthesis of tributyl citrate esterification reaction series an irreversible reaction , that is , within the range of experimental conditions , citric acid , butyl produce citric acid dibutyl generating citrate , citric acid dibutyl butyl kinetic equation kinetic equation :

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