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Author TanZuoYing
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Keywords Magical Realism Archetypal Characterization Narrative Feature
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Angela? Carter is a contemporary British novelist and reporter, she works mostly feminist, magical realism, the legendary street style and is known for science fiction. In 2008, the British \Although the \As Carter's early works, like \Among the novel, Carter will be a combination of mystery and reality for the reader to create a magical, playful, chaotic and vivid true, as the vagaries of the whirlwind adventures, as if the reader himself is in a real circus medium. Although Carter English literary critics in recent years, concern of the writer, but Chinese scholars of her research is still in infancy. Therefore, this paper from the perspective of magic realism of her late work \better reflect the work against patriarchy implied, for female independence, equality, freedom of thought, thereby to draw attention to today's society, in employment, family and other aspects of women still exist inequalities for reflection. Originated in the Latin American magical realism, there are three main creative principles: First, confuse the boundaries of fantasy and reality, so that the combination of magic and reality. The second is on the myths and magic realism fairy prototype application. Third, the use of creative techniques. These three creative principle itself works closely with the combination thus formed from three different levels of writing the novel features. This paper consists of introduction, body, conclusion of three parts: introductory part of the main statement of magical realism novel situation and Angela? Carter's achievements in the literary world to explain the current research status of the work at home and abroad, made the writing of this article purpose and significance of writing. Body part is divided into three chapters: the first chapter introduces the definition of magic realism, historical development, the characteristics of magic realism and the author's life experiences. This chapter is divided into three, Section I introduces the definition of magic realism and its historical development. Magical Realism genre of world literature in the 20th century a very important one branch of literature in the West occupies an important position in the world today has a broad impact on the literary world. From the point of view that art, magic realism is a visual art movement, initially originated in Europe. And as a literary form, magical realism refers to the combination of reality and fantasy as a mode of writing, through this writing style, so the real facts behind the veneer of everyday life convey. Section II describes the characteristics of magic realism, magic realism in the performance of reality, facts highly controversial because of its magical narrative approach is realistic way. Therefore, the characteristics of magic realism and realism are generally considered somewhat linked. Section III presents the creative principle of magic realism, as a mature and distinguished literary genre, magic realism has its special creative principle that confuse the boundaries of fantasy and reality, myth prototype for the use and practices of narrative apply. The second chapter, the main research magical realism in the novel ingredients. This chapter divided into three sections, the first section describes the novel features of magical realism to explore the magic and reality combine characteristics. Section II elaborates on the novel use of myths and fairy tales prototype. Archetypal use creative techniques of magic realism is the most important feature of magic realism writers will explore mythical archetype fictional nature of life as one of main methods. In a sense, all of the magic realism works all have a common prototype as a creative lies. Section III main explanation \Using a variety of modern narratives, is magic realism novels achieve magical effect of art principles. By Carter's magical narrative, fiction reality becomes distorted, suspense storeyed, the story in time and space division cycle, narrative perspective is also constantly changing. Meanwhile, the novel use of irony, parody, symbolizes other techniques, show Carter feminist thinking and work through these narratives change the position of women. Chapter 3 presents Angela Carter's creative approach to use these magical reason. Among the novel reflects the typical characteristics of magic realism, such as heterozygosity, magic resistance, Gothic and diversity, but the main reason is that Carter has been the Latin American magical realism, postmodernism and feminism affected. Section of this chapter discusses the traditional magical realism Carter Creation. Section II describes postmodernism impact on Carter. Section III reveals feminist Carter Novels. Concluding section summarizes the full text to make a summary and reiterated the thrust of this article. By studying the \In addition, the novel, by the reaction of magic realism feminist ideology can cause people to today's society, in employment, family and other aspects of women still exist inequalities reflect and help women to understand their own contemporary life and marriage, thereby strengthening social harmony.

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