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Author ZhouNa
Tutor LiuTie
School Liaoning University
Course Comparative Literature and World Literature
Keywords “Marginal” Mainstream culture Existential Significance
CLC I106
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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This paper focuses on a group of people who were defined and be concerned by other people in the early 20th century , we define such special group as“marginal man.”What the unique character they have is mainly in the relationship between they and the mainstream culture , including the motivators of treading the mainstream , the heterogeneous person of againsting the mainstream ,prowlers of drifting away the mainstream ,impending person in dilemma and activists of passing over the mainstream.Since they’ve been cogninzed , there emerge a great wave either in theory or in real life.Some people regard them as dreadful moster , sniffing at them for which can be the unstable factor in today’s society and even commir a crime with high risk.While someone believed that the“marginal man”have their unique character and can contribute to our society’s harmony and progress with the correct pecognize and guide . Different people hold different ideas.Due to the“marginal man”facing so much embarrassment in the survival picture of mainstream, theorists improve the definition for them day by day , writers aslo appreciate their special circumstance with their sharp sensation.For this reason , they peg away at writing , trying to reflect the nature of human being throughout the analyse of the“marginal man”’s writings,then exploring the future and hope for people.Acthough the time that kind of people be-acceptell is short, there are still many writers creating books for“marginal man”spring up at home and abroad,such as:Holden,Tony·Morrison, Stendhal,Salinger,Kay Lu Yake, Wang shuo,Lu Yao,Wang Xiaobo and so on .“Marginal man”is a real lost of dimension , they go back and forth between the intrinsic culture and mainstream culture.Sometimes,this kind of marginalization seems be a despair in a way as well as the confusion and perplaxity revealed in that procedure . They are not really indifferent to the life , rather than dispel the sense of existence.The emerge of“marginal man”is an inevitable result for the development of society, is a particular power during the open area.For society, this kind of people can be conservative and have the quality of breakthrough.Therefore,the“marginal man”is worthy of us to ponder and research,aslo should have a tolerant attitude for them.Only from a more macro perspective of culture to accept and absorb the essence of all the constituent elements, the society will able to have better development and become a harmonious one. This is also the cultural enlightenment of the essay writing and practical significance lies.

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