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An Interpretation of by the My Father’s Smile from the Ecofeminst Perspective

Author HanXu
Tutor JiangLei
School Liaoning University
Course English Language and Literature
Keywords Ecofeminism Anthropocentrism Sex order Harmony
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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\the suffering of the oppression of black women and seek liberation road. She devoted all his life to find their own place for black women in a patriarchal society and work creation. However, the creation of her late ecological consciousness gradually emerged, not only involved in women's issues in the works, and the more prominent ecological problems. The father's smile light \She has \object, the body of a woman only man something. Walker believes only subvert this sexual order, to break patriarchal dualistic mode of thinking in order to enable women to be liberated from the men's possession and oppression in the fundamental and natural, in order to achieve the harmonious coexistence of the entire world. This article from the perspective of the eco-feminist-depth analysis of the work. The paper consists of three parts of the introduction, body and conclusion. The main contents are as follows: The first part is the introduction. The second part of the text, including the following chapters: the first chapter of the ecological awareness of eco-feminist Alice Walker brief description. The ecofeminism involved extensive theoretical system, which includes a wide range dedicated to reveal the point of view of the links between the oppression of women and vulnerable groups in society and the plundering of natural. Ecofeminism calling for an end to all forms of oppression, that the liberation struggle of nature, any liberation of women or other oppressed groups efforts are useless. The theory originated in France in the 1970s, but reached its peak in the United States in the 1990s. Which one Walker is also eco-feminists, she has a strong ecological consciousness, and is reflected in the \The second chapter discusses the long time that women become a natural object of male control and persecution, and reveals the formation of the historical roots of the persecution. Around the the eldest daughter 麦格德琳娜 suffered father corporal punishment of events to expand in-depth analysis, reveal the father love their daughter, in fact, still in love in the name of the exercise of a title, such ownership, daughter everything in this chapter are , daughter of sexual selection. In anthropocentrism consciousness under the influence, human encroachment natural unbridled plunder the natural essence of anthropocentrism is androcentric, because women are marginalized in society, the male is infringement of natural culprit. So what anthropocentrism and male centrism support a serious crisis to human survival? Its roots the patriarchy of consciousness and its women with natural logic of domination. Patriarchal society's mindset is either-or dualism mode, caused by the reason of this mode of thinking from the source of Western civilization, it is the ancient Greek and Hebrew cultural traditions. In Greece, women in strict compliance with the specification of Christian women develop, they looted the right to speak, the right to vote, only be seen as subordinate to men. Walker thought is unique in that she not only reveals the the patriarchal worldview on women resulted in an extremely brutal persecution, as well as the implementation of the oppression of men itself is a serious injury. They gradually lose themselves in the patriarchal mode of thinking, so that his soul to produce a huge void. In the third chapter, to explore the novel several typical female fight of the road. Since the rule of male to female is a \The subversive way is 麦格德琳娜 of abstinence, overeating and perforations in the skin to intoxicate their sexuality, as well as Susanna and Pauline gay, they are in the clear understanding of the essence of patriarchal society neutral order categorically rejected the possibility of any heterosexual, completely cut off from the world of men. Several women and not from the resistance in the spirit of freedom, and scarred because of the numerous misconceptions distorted abstinence and homosexuality. Walker on their pursuit of independence and liberation thought. Walker believes that the mere denial of women men enter their world, completely closed itself the female world does not make women to get a real sense of liberation. In the last chapter of the thesis, to find a way to get rid of the oppression of women and nature, and that is all women care and love for each other, unite unite into a powerful force to fight oppression and control from the male world; human should naturally regarded as the goddess and to restore the ancient natural goddess worship, human to return to nature, respect for nature, because nature is nurturing the mother of all things, is the survival of our homes; love and tolerance is the essence of Walker Women's ideology, human love and tolerance towards ever hurt our people. The face of his father's death with sincere repentance, Walker advocates daughter readmission father. Free female social re-opening of the man re-regression of the male has not copied as a patriarchal society, but homosexual provide new opportunities to expand new relationships subvert the existing unfair sexual order. Regression of such of interpersonal means men and women mind, the real establishment of equality and diversity, intersubjective relations. From eco-feminist perspective on the interpretation of the father's smile light not only for the study of the novel to provide new ideas, and also hope to arouse ecological awareness given high priority to the increasingly serious environmental problems. In this thesis the following conclusions can be drawn: mankind under the guidance of love and tolerance, equality and look at things in the world, stop the footsteps of of aggression women with natural. Only in this way, the human to break the patriarchal consciousness, equality and harmony between man and nature, and between the sexes.

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