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An Analysis of the Artistic Techniques of Their Eyes Were Watching God

Author MaLiNa
Tutor BoYu
School Liaoning University
Course English Language and Literature
Keywords Growth Negritude Free indirect discourse Narrative focus
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Zola Neale Hurston, one of the most remarkable women writers of the 20th century African American literary history. Although the once contemporary writers and literary critic forgotten her literary genius can not be ignored. Hurston's literary genius re-discovered in the height of the feminist movement and feminist criticism boom. Rise after 1975, Alice Walker, \Heston deeply rooted in African-American history and culture, black feminist literary works distinctive black and rich folk characteristics model and to posterity many writers such as Ralph Ellison, Toni · Morrison and Alice Walker had a profound impact. These writers have to find a creative source in the works of Hurston. They continue to repeat, imitate and modify its text structure, narrative mode, language, form and blacks customs narrative strategy. As an anthropologist and folklorist, Hurston spare no effort to visit all over the world to carry out extensive fieldwork and collected around a lot of folk tales, master Negro dialect and oral tradition, as her later creations valuable literary material. In the creation, Heston blacks spoken, religious rituals and oral traditions subtly varied to be applied to novel writing, describe the consciousness of black women and the pursuit of their own values. Hurston \The work described a black woman from the weak and ignorant to the growth of more independent and self-affirming story, to analyze the strength and value of the black women, and thus tried to wake up the black women to control their own destiny to fight for freedom and equality awareness. Novel Heston seven weeks of time to complete the inspection tour in Haiti, the story was inspired by her love story with Pant. Heston's several failed marriages to be alluding to the process of growth of the protagonist Jenny. The autobiographical narrative structure gives the narrative mode of the traditional Bildungsroman \In addition, the novel omniscient omniscient narrative and the hero of the first-person narrative constantly switch makes Heston walk through the text being given distinctive modernist novel characteristics. Many domestic and foreign scholars and literary critic from \The author of \Therefore, the purpose of this paper is to resolve in terms of narrative structure, narrative point of view, narrative voice and narrative language \This thesis consists of three parts of the introduction, body and conclusion. Summary of the introduction of Zola Neale Hurston creative sources and writing position. In addition to the main content and literary achievements Description \and theoretical significance. The main part is divided into four chapters. The first chapter introduces the research base of this theory narratology and focusing theory. Narratology as an emerging young science, narrative, narrative structure as well as the study of the theory of cognitive style of narrative works. At the same time, the narrative perspective as the primary means to show theme connected to the author and the reader. On the one hand, of a unique perspective to the performance of works and transfer the feelings of the objective world; other hand resonate with readers through this special narrative way of the emotional experience of the author to be realized within a broader range. Genette focus theory is proposed for the narrative point of view the narrative perspective analysis provides a theoretical foundation. Supplement and improvement of other scholars focus theory guiding significance. Chapter II from three aspects of a comprehensive analysis of the narrative structure of \First of all, this chapter parse the narrative structure of the story in the novel's \First and twenty-three chapters constitute the main framework of the novel describes the hero of this happening, closer to the distance of the reader and the text. The story part of the mosaic, namely: \To a good friend Jenny perspective to first-person retrospective narrative of personal experiences, and strengthen the credibility of the story. Secondly, the chapter analyzes the novel and traditional myths writing mode. Hero Jenny \Jenny growth story narrative mode hero run away with the traditional myths, wrestling, return home to the narrative structure is similar. Finally, the the Bildungsroman narrative mode to explore \Jane, heroine in the novel three marriages and spiritual growth with the growth process of the traditional Bildungsroman hero Similarly, given the growth of the significance of the novel \The third chapter explores the narrative voice of the novel, the analysis of the first-person and third-person narration of the meaning of the text. The same time, the theory of narrative focus, as the basis of analysis of the novel's narrative point of view. \This chapter first analyzes the novel's narrative voice and narrative point of view, and then discuss the conversion of the narrative voice and narrative point of view of the significance of the text. The fourth chapter of the novel unique narrative language. As an experienced anthropologist and folklorist, Hurston most of the writing material from a wide range of Folklore Research. Heston narrative language with distinctive black works expressed more precisely. The application of a large number of blacks sermons living black image is displayed in front of the reader. Official the text authoring language and oral dialogue in two languages-style cross-application so the narrator can continue to walk through the text being. The purpose of this chapter is to discuss the significance of this cross-language style. In addition, the use of free indirect discourse is another success on the narrative skills. The language of the characters and the narrative voice intertwined, and thus play better to show the characters' inner and highlight the theme of the role. Concluding section summarizes, \Meanwhile, elaborated of Heston's rich folk experience their works created. With the development of the feminist movement, Heston has become synonymous with looking for the traditional black women writers.

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