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Functional Stylistic Analysis of Wordsworth and Shelley 's poem - \

Author SunMin
Tutor ZhangHongYan
School Jiangsu University of Science and Technology
Course Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
Keywords Functional Stylistics Register Theory Wordsworth Shelley Metafunctions
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Stylistics as an intermediate discipline between linguistics and literary criticism, in recent years, rapid development and become the theoretical basis for many text analysis use widely. Many text poetry as a cultural heritage, its traditional analytical methods for literary criticism. However, with the development of modern linguistics, stylistics as a more objective approach increasingly favored by the scholars. Functional stylistics as a branch of the Stylistics, Halliday's systemic functional linguistics as a theoretical basis to study the language of the stylistic use of language function. Select two romantic poetry in this article from the important to the history of English literature, for example, and the use of functional stylistics analysis, a Wordsworth's \Ode to a withered violets \The stylistic concept first statement, the Stylistics definition and development, as well as the development of functional stylistics for readers to understand the theory of this paper is to use the. Then, the paper states the theoretical basis for the use of this article, paving the way for the specific analysis below. Theoretical foundation consists of three parts, the first part of a three yuan functional statements, including the concept of function, interpersonal function and textual function analytic; second part is the introduction of the language domain theory; The third part is the vocabulary syntax level three metafunctions elaboration, including transitivity system, mood and modality systems, information structure and convergence statements. Finally, based on the theoretical basis of this article, two poetry of Wordsworth and Shelley field theory on language and vocabulary grammar level three function specific, comprehensive qualitative analysis. Through qualitative analysis, the conclusions drawn in this article are the following: (a) through the use of language domain theoretical analysis, the reader can know the contents of the two poems, the main characters and forms of expression; (b) the concept of function can and physical properties of the system to achieve the transitivity system Youyi select six different processes to achieve in two poetry is by selecting three processes to reflect their statements and descriptive characteristics; (c) mood and modality system people. This paper analyzes two poems mood and modality systems use relatively simple, the subject mainly concentrated on the narrator and flowers (daffodils and violets), and the past and present use also reflects the poetry of statement and descriptive characteristics. Each of the two poems appear only a modal expression; (d) information on the structure and convergence discourse function can be achieved. The poet highlight the different information through the use of information structures, but the reader can be found the two poems mainly used no marked theme of the poem are no special information needs to be emphasized, and the use of the three levels of convergence means is illustrated in two The poem is the use of a variety of means to achieve the convergence of the whole poem. These conclusions can be fully functional stylistics is a viable and workable theory. This theory provides a new perspective different from the traditional method to analyze the text. In other words, it provides an objective standard based on linguistic elements to help the reader to re-read the poetry of Wordsworth and Shelley. This article hopes this study can reflect the value of the functional stylistics, from the point of view of English learners appreciate poetry, can also provide some guiding significance for the teaching of English poetry.

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