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Deconstructing Historical Discourse and Reconstructing Historical Truth

Author YinZhaoHui
Tutor MaoLingZuo
School Chongqing University
Course English Language and Literature
Keywords Darling New Historicism Deconstruction Reconstructed Realistic concern
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature as the first African-American female writer, Toni Morrison and her book has become the focus of academic research. Today, Throughout her nine novel, easily found Morrison realistic reproduction of the United States is rooted in a profound reflection of her African-American history. Beloved \Beloved embodied a strong sense of history has attracted the attention of critics, but the research perspective focused on exploring the elements of fiction in history, such as the middle passage and slavery, or Morrison narrative of history yuan questioned her use of African-American literary tradition reconstruction of the historical truth. Few reviewers noted that \and future thinking. In this issue of the treatment of the relationship between history and literature, Morrison and the the new historicism scientist coincide. Morrison refused artificial distinction between history and fiction, that the artist is \The New Historicist also committed to deconstruction of the traditional concept of historical reality and literary fiction. In their view, history is no longer an objective existence, and become a historical narrative, historical and literary texts as a narrative, so it is also subjective and fictional. Based on this, the paper intends to new historical perspective, designed to demonstrate: on the one hand, by analyzing the intertextual relationship Beloved infanticide case history, Margaret Ghana, Morrison is true of traditional historiography sexual questioned. Reduced to the product of the power of historical writing, slave owners in the voice of the repression, \within the colonial history, colonial reasonable argument. On the other hand, Morrison tried to reproduce the historical truth. Historical narrative through the anti Tactics and reversal (to summon - respond slaves singing), on the the slaves body of rewrite and construct the daily lives of women as the main narrative storytelling strategy use, deconstruction of the Western tradition black / white, male / female, self / other, center / edge of the Binary Mode denial of historical writing unipolar dimension reconstruction of an inclusive polyphony of the many possibilities of African American History . Morrison this seemingly contradictory view of history are united in a profound reflection of her history and her fate of African Americans realistic concern.

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